He’s Just Happy To Get Out The House on this tour, so much so that he’s extended it into autumn, and the next run of dates starts De Montfort Hall on Saturday 8 September and will also be calling at Loughborough Town Hall on Friday 12 October. We caught up with comedian Chris Ramsey to find out about the new tour, his latest plans, and that gig he did in Nandos.

What can fans expect from the new tour?
If they’ve seen me before, they can expect my same style of stand up and story telling… only better. I know that sounds like a strange thing to say, but I always try and improve with every single show that I do, and it appears this one is following that suit. The strangest compliment I get after a show is “I hope you don’t mind, but this show was better than your last one!”… MIND!? That’s absolutely what I want to hear… mate, I’d be devastated if you said something like “I much preferred that first 10 minutes you did at an open mic night in 2008… you’ve wasted the last 10 years”

When did you first know you wanted to be a comedian?
I really have no idea. It was young, really young… before I knew what a comedian was. I was always drawn to funny people, people who could hold a conversation in a group and make everyone laugh. It fascinated me, and I always wanted to do it socially. I’d sometimes prepare something funny in my head on the bus on the way to my mates house to make them all laugh when I arrived… it didn’t always work to be honest. But the moment I saw Billy Connolly on TV was probably the solidifying moment. 

What do you prefer out of your live performance and television work?
Depends on the TV show and depends on the gig… every live show is different and no two audiences are the same. I’d always lean towards live stand up as a rule, but I’d rather be on Saturday Kitchen eating steak than dying on my hole in Hull. 

Has becoming a father changed your style of comedy
It really has… which is annoying, as I did a show all about how it wouldn’t.

What’s the best and worst thing about being on the road touring
Worst: Missing my family and just being generally bored. The shows are great, and if I could teleport, I’d have a gig in the diary every night of the year… even Christmas Day. It’s the traveling, that’s the only downside really. Best: Service station Greggs. They changed the game. If I ever meet the person who made that business decision, I will kiss their face. 

greggs motorway

Who’s the best comedian that you’ve ever seen live?
Michael McIntyre probably. Saw him before he was huge at Durham Gala Theatre, he was incredible. The gig wasn’t full and he performed it like he was playing to a packed out Wembley. Such a brilliant comedian. 

What advice would you give to aspiring comedians?

What is your favourite city to perform in?
It’s hard to answer that because like I say, every gig is different. Take the Edinburgh Fringe for instance – Twenty eight nights in the same city, in the same room, on the same stage… not one single gig the same. So I’d have to say Newcastle, because I can be in bed by 11pm… or at the curry house for 10:30pm.

Who are you top tips for ones to watch in the comedy world?
My support act Carl Hutchinson is definitely one to watch, but I would say that I suppose. But he’s brilliant. 

The first time I saw you perform was at a Leicester Comedy Festival show IN Nando’s. So, what’s your favourite thing to order from Nando’s?
Wow! That was a brilliant gig! I’d forgotten about that! I’m a big fan of the wrap… single, hot with Halloumi and another side order of Halloumi, chips and rice. 

chris ramsey leicester

What quote would you least like to see written about you?
“He should have been on Geordie Shore”… although to be fair, I think I’d have a bigger house if I was. 

What’s the one ambition in your career that you’re still aiming for
I’d love to write and star in my own sitcom. 

Chris Ramsey will be at De Montfort Hall on Saturday 8 September, tickets are on sale now. He’ll also be at Loughborough Town Hall on Friday 12 October.