Viral sensation and all-round great guy, Vittorio Angelone, is one of comedy’s fastest-rising stars. And he’s back in Leicester for Leicester Comedy Festival.

Following his 5-star, sold-out, award-nominated debut (which solved literally every problem in the world) his new show looks inward to find out who exactly he thinks he is.

If you haven’t seen him on the internet, you might have seen him as tour support Russell Howard, Jason Manford, Adam Rowe, Dan Nightingale and more. We caught up with him to find out more before his festival show at The Y Theatre on Friday 9 February.

Vittorio Angelone, Leicester

How would you describe your comedy to someone who has never seen you live?

Serious topics, stupid punchlines and an unexpected number of inflatables.

How much are you looking forward to Leicester Comedy Festival?

Loads mate! It’s the highlight of the calendar year!

Have you played the festival before? 

I have! It’s the dream! It’s a real underdog to places like Edinburgh but it’s really punching above its weight and achieving greatness. I would liken it to a smaller, less well funded sports team somehow winning the title but I can’t think of an example right now.

Vittorio Angelone, Leicester

What is the best gig you’ve ever done?

Every gig is my best gig. I am great and it’s a true privilege to perform for the people of Earth.

And the worst?

One time a French lady in the front row started playing Candy Crush during my set.

Who was your comedy idol growing up?

Either the man handing out flyers for the city sightseeing tours at Belfast City Hall or Fin Taylor. So impressive at their age to still be doing it to such a high level.

Vittorio Angelone, Leicester

You’ve built up a huge online following, how different is it preparing for a live show than filming content?

Live shows mean nothing to me, I’m a slave to the algorithm, a content cowboy, Mark Zuckerberg is my God and Elon Musk is my dad.

Tell our readers in 5 words why they should come to your show on 9 Feb?

It will be really really


Vittorio Angelone will be bringing his tour show, Who Do You Think You Are? I Am!, to Leicester on Fri 9 February at 7pm. For tickets visit  and for more info visit