The Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire is launching a new behaviour change campaign to change men’s behaviour towards women and improve women’s safety.

The ‘You’re Right, That’s Wrong’ campaign calls on men to act when they see or hear public place harassment towards women or misogynistic attitudes, particularly within their peer group.

When a mate’s behaviour towards women crosses the line – you know it’s wrong. Whether it’s catcalling, not leaving her alone when she’s said no, or making disrespectful jokes about women, these behaviours cause real harm. The ‘You’re Right, That’s Wrong’ campaign is calling on men to help make Leicestershire a safer place for women, by acting when a mate’s behaviour is out of line.

Cool As Leicester is supporting The Police and Crime Commissioner’s campaign in asking men to have the conversation. If you notice a mate doing something that isn’t right, there are things you can do. By acting, you can make Leicestershire a safer place for women.

• Be Direct – if it’s safe to do so, speak up, tell your mate their behaviour isn’t ok. This can be during or after the situation.

• Get Help – speak to other friends and decide how to act together. You can also get help and speak to others after the situation, to decide how best to speak to that mate.

• Distract – do something to change the situation, suggest doing something else or change the conversation.

All these actions start with just a conversation.

For more information you can visit the campaign website.

This post is part of a paid campaign with Leicestershire Police.