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Good Friday

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Tickets are on sale now for Leicester’s Good Friday event. The online event created by Big Difference Company and Robot Needs Home will see local artists, promoters and venues join together for an evening of performances, with all money raised going back to support those venues and artists involved. Tickets are pay what you can, with a minimum donation of £1. TICKETS.

The Wendy James Band – Firebug
Tuesday 21 September

wendy james band

The former Transvision Vamp vocalist continues to make danceable Art-Punk, with a breathless New Wave rush. TICKETS.



Sciamachy consists of multi-instrumentalist, Alex Goulding, and singer/songwriter, Ryan Jensson. The duo merge various styles of music an their latest single is out now. We caught up with them to find out more about it.


How would you describe Sciamachy for anyone who isn’t familiar with your material?

We’re an experimental 2 piece who merge rock music with other styles. I’d say our music ranges from grunge/rock to electronic. We don’t have a set style; it’s more about us just writing songs that we love and that sound great to us. Once we have a song in its basic form, we experiment with it and the sound just ends up where it ends up. We have been writing together for years so it’s a really natural process.

How did you both come to start performing/recording together?

We’re good friends, we’ve been in a band together for some years, but decided we wanted to try something a little different and explore the possibilities that come with being a 2 piece.


How easy/difficult have you found it to stay creative during lockdown?

It has been tricky. We’re constantly writing music no matter the environment or context. In terms of our lyrics, we base them on our experiences, and the way we see the world. Lockdown has meant less experiences, but we do still have a lot to say and express. Plus, there’s nothing like a few hours in each other’s company with a bottle of wine…

What’s been the highlight of your time creating music together?

For us, “Never Alone” is our best so far, although we haven’t released a great deal lately. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes; a lot of writing and experimenting. We’re never happy – we’re always trying to outdo ourselves and just make the best music we possibly can.


Who would be listed in your “for fans of” section?

Kasabian, The Verve, Unkle, The Prodigy.

What is it that sets you apart from other artists?

We aim to write material that’s a bit different. We take a lot of abstract themes and obscure influences from pretty much anywhere. “Somehow” is about a news story in America we heard that really shocked us, about a girl who shot herself with her father’s gun. It’s essentially an exploration of guilt and despair. Then our latest song is about communicating with ghosts.

Who are some of your favourite local artists?

We love Jools, they’re a great bunch of guys.


If you could pick any artist and venue for your first gig back, who/where would it be?

The Soundhouse is our favourite venue by far, such beautiful people. Ideally, if we could bring our old friends, Escapade out that would be perfect. They’re no longer together, but there are so many great bands and artists we’ve played with in the past that we’d love to play with again.

What else can people expect from you in 2021?

We’re hopefully going to start doing a few gigs soon and see how that develops, being just the two of us. We have a fair bit of studio content in the pipeline.

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