Wow, so 26 years ago this week is when I signed for Leicester City, time flies! I didn’t realise it was that long until the club website reminded me! I’d actually had a bad break in my leg the year before but Hamilton brought me down to Leicester and signed me straight up! I met with Gordon Mill who was joint manager and signed a very long contract on very little money, but playing in the 1st division as a 21 year old meant everything to me. I made my debut against Luton Town on the first day of the season and after some good results I got injured just 16 games in, with a groin injury so I ended up watching us get relegated from the sidelines. Still 26 years has flown and what great memories I’ve got from such a great club!


It’s all very quiet at City at the moment, but it will be an interesting few weeks with the club back to training next week. I want to give a quick shout out to Martin Smith of Firewatch who has invited me down to the Torquay game. I’m really looking forward to seeing the lads back in action! I doubt the full first team will get a run out and it could potentially be a tricky opener. Nigel won’t want to risk any key players and it’s very odd to have a cup game to kick off the new season, but let’s get behind the boys and make it a great start!


Well, this summer has been all about Euro 2012! In all honest I think Englad were pretty awful. It really showed how far behind we are in skill and technical ability. Against Italy, other than a 20 minute spell, we played very negatively. Poor performances throughout from Rooney and Young, and I’d certainly like to have seen more of Oxlade-Chamberlain. It certainly hasn’t left a good taste in the mouths of English fans, many of whom are going to feel let down! From the start I was going for Germany or Spain to come out on top and Spain are certainly still looking good for it. Italy will need something spectacular to beat them on Sunday!


In other news, the Blackpool game has been moved back for Sky TV, so that’ll be our first televised game next season. Players always want to perform well in front of the cameras and nice to know people are watching at home. Obviously there’s the added pressure but you have to hope that’s something the players can thrive off!