So the Euros are in full swing with England doing really well to win their group. My predictions are still looking good and I really can’t see past Spain or Germany winning the tournament, I think England have surprised a few people but I don’t think they have enough in them to quite go all the way. I do think we can get past Italy, but any further than that is going to be a challenge. If I was a betting man I wouldn’t put a lot on it! We’ve been getting opened up too easily, but there seems to be a fantastic spirit in the squad, which Hodgson can be very proud of. I was quite surprised that he chose to play Rooney from the start, I think Carroll has every right to be disappointed. Gerrard’s been having a great tournament so far though and I think Hart has put in solid performances. We’ve also got to look at the youth players we’ve got coming through with the likes of Oxlade-Chamberlain, the future’s looking bright.

The fixtures are out for next season too! We’ve got a home tie against Peterborough first up. I remember when I was playing starting the season against Peterborough and we drew when everyone expected us to win. This time around though we’ve got a great opportunity to kick start for 3 points. Almost more exciting is the prospect of a last game of the season against Forest. That’s certainly food for thought. If there’s anything riding on the match it’s going to be a very tense and passionate affair. Also let’s mention Boxing Day, always a special fixtures for players and their families and this year we’re going to be away to Hull. That’ll be a big moment for Pearson as he’s chopped and changed between the clubs. I don’t think he’ll get as much stick as he has in the past but it always spices up a fixture.

It’s hard to believe we’re amongst the favourites to win the league. As much as I think Nigel will put his stamp on the team and I’m expecting good things, I think it’s going to be a very hard league to get out of. There should be some new faces coming in over the next few weeks and he’ll be looked to strength across the squad. I think we definitely need a strong and imposing centre half and with Wellens injured we need to be looking at a tackling/sittng midfield player. Obviously a lot will ride on which players stay at the club. If Beckford goes elsewhere then we’ll certainly need to look at what centre forward we can bring in to replace him. There has to be changes made and Nigel knows that.

Last week mentioned about the possibility of Matt Mills moving to Bolton and now speculations seems to be suggesting this is likely to be the case. I’d like to wish him all the best. It didn’t quite happen for him at the club, which is a real shame but he’ll certainly be a great addition for another team. Obviously big money signing don’t always work out and this one didn’t pay off for us, but hopefully it’ll bring in a bit of money for Nigel to spend on strengthening the squad.

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Until next time, enjoy England v Italy and check back next week for my thoughts on it! In the meantime you can follow me on Twitter @SteveWalsh5