Personal trainers always sound like such a luxury, but with more centres offering affordable training options we wanted to look at whether they really work. Do you want to get in shape before going on holiday or have you got an outfit you need to fit into last minute?

We teamed up with Find Your Fitness UK in Wigston to see just how effective personal trainers are. With 5 weeks to get in shape we’re going to see just what can be achieved if you put your mind to it!

We’re undertaking 3 sessions per week teamed with a diet and nutrition plan and will be keeping you up to date with all of the progress. Find Your Fitness are specialists in personal training and nutrition and offer excellent one to one support throughout your training, whether for a set period of ongoing. Most importantly they cater for all individuals no matter what shape or size. Our initial session consisted of weight, measurements, photos and all of the things we didn’t want to face but are absolutely necessary if you’re going to monitor your progress! The thing that struck me straight away is just how much more effective this is than going to a regular gym or fitness class. Cliff, Andrew and Sean who run the studio watch you very closely to see what your strengths and weaknesses are and can tailor your programme to ensure it is as effective as possible. The main thing I learnt from my first session was that my glutes just simply weren’t activating at all, with the slightest squat seeming a struggle. Two sessions later, by Friday they were certainly working and hurting a lot more. I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know what a glute was before the first session!

Find Your Fitness studio

One thing that is hammered home by the team at Find Your Fitness is how important nutrition is. With literature given on the opening session and a table to complete a food diary, they keep an overview of what you’re eating to ensure that you aren’t damaging the good exercise work with bad foods. I soon learnt that sometimes when I thought I was being good I was still way off the mark so was encouraged to try and stick to  un-processed foods as much as possible. Goodbye Shreddies for breakfast and wraps for lunch. Hello porridge and colourful salads.

By the end of the week I arrived for my session on Friday and was told I’d be doing a 5km run. I laughed thinking it was a joke. It wasn’t. As we set off I was sure I’d collapse half way round but Sean keep a watch on my progress and did allow a slight rest with a walk midway, but having someone there to push you and keep you going makes all the difference. If I’d been doing this on my own I’d have never completed the length that we did. As we got back to the studio Sean asked how I felt as I replied “Like I wanted to kill myself. But I didn’t. I’m glad I managed it now.” And he offered the best advice anyone can give you when you’re thinking about giving up or not bothering “Remember that feeling now when you’ve just finished and how good you feel. That feeling is what will keep you going!”

With week 1 over we’re looking forward to 3 more sessions this week. With measurements and photos only being taken on the first day and last day we’ll hopefully see some changes to show you just what you could achieve if you did it for yourself!

Find Your Fitness UK is based in Mowsley End, Wigston, Leicester and further information on their training and packages can be found HERE.

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