There’s a new bar in town and, even better, it’s the sister bar to one of our favourites – 45 West.

Specialising in fine wine and premium champagne, 45 St. Martins is bringing a unique range of high quality drinks to the heart of Leicester’s vibrant independent scene. With beautiful decor, a fantastic ambience and large outdoor seating area, 45 St Martins is the newest addition to the 45 Bar Group and is set to open on Friday 4th August.

45 St Martins will be the only bar in Leicester pouring the world renowned Billecart-Salmon champagne. Widely regarded as the best independent champagne house, the product can be found in the highest class of establishments including The Ritz and truly represents the 45 ethos.

The venue will operate as both a vintners & bar, offering customers the chance to enjoy our products both in our venue or in the comfort of their own home.

45 st martins burleighs

45 St Martins is the second addition to the bar group, opening a short walk from the flagship bar, 45 West, on Hotel Street. Almost two years in, 45 West has become a household name in the Leicester bar scene, attracting customers from all across the midlands to enjoy their signature Burleighs Gin & Tonics and unique cocktail menu. You can even have a glass of Leicester City blue gin in there!

Phil Burley, the founder, said “Leicester’s independent scene is continuing to thrive and 45 West have been right at the heart of the movement, we’re now building on the success of our first venue by bringing an extensive collection of wine & champagnes into the city”.

45 St Martins opens on Friday 4 August and they’ll be holding a special opening party from 7pm that you’re all invited to! Join the Facebook event.