Remember we told you all about the new Mexican delivery set-up The Wako Taco? Started because the owner had food in Mexico so good that she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Now, Mexican isn’t something we have much of in Leicester, why that is I don’t know, but The Wako Taco definitely has the potential to fill that gap.

Based in Thorpe Astley they do offer both lunchtime deliveries to homes and workplaces as well as evening deliveries (within 8 miles of Thorpe Astley).

Spoilt for choice with the menu we had a selection delivered including the Burrito Bowl, Macko Taco, Tinga Wings, Street Corn and Wako Fries.

Where to start?

wako taco leicester mexican

The stand-out item was absolutely the Burrito Bowl. The portion size is excellent and it’s packed full of flavours, tender chicken and the right amount of heat. The nacho cheesy chicken comes on a bed of Mexican rice, black beans, sweetcorn, avocado and shredded lettuce with chipotle mayo and hot sauce. Of course with everything made fresh to order you can hold the sauces or any particular toppings. As the menu says “all the burritoness without the tortilla” and it was superb.

Next up the Macko Taco (it’s named after Mark Morrison… honestly), which comes with thin strips of griddled sirloin steak and toppings to pack into 3 soft tortillas. The presentation on this was great making it easy to assemble your tacos just how you want them, with selections of guacamole, pink onions, refried black beans and sauce all packaged separately for you to add as freely or sparingly as you please. Again, great flavour combinations and with other taco options including halloumi, fish, pulled pork and chipotle jackfruit they’re perfect to order a few options as a sharing dinner at home.

wako taco leicester mexican

Onto the sides… Make sure you order the Wako Fries. I don’t know what they’re made of, but they’re excellent. They have an almost hash brown/tater tot texture to them and come loaded with cheese, homemade nacho sauce, jalapeños and spring onions.

Tinga wings come as a portion of 8 so make a perfect sharing starter. The wings themselves have a medium heat level but there’s a pot of extra Tinga sauce included for those who want to turn it up a notch.

Finally the Street Corn. 2 cobettes (how cute is the word cobettes?) griddled then covered in cheese, chipotle mayo drizzle and coriander garnish. Delicious (a little on the spicy side though so it depends if you’re up to the heat).

wako taco leicester mexican

With Mexican food not overly well catered for in Leicester there’s a real opportunity for The Wako Taco to grab a chunk of that audience. The food is fairly priced, well presented, efficiently delivered and, most importantly, packed full of flavour. We’ll definitely be ordering again.

To view the full menu and details for ordering visit The Wako Taco website. You can also find them on Instagram.

The Wako Taco sent us food free of charge as a thank you for featuring news of their launch. We were under no obligation to write a review.