Have you every fancied turning your hand to making your own preserves and chutneys? Now, a master preserver from Rutland is sharing her skills with the nation through a new subscription box which is launching this month.

Rosemary Jameson, who is based in The Old Smithy, Burley-on-the-Hill, is the founder of Rosie Makes Jam and Love Jars– both businesses that support her passion for “preserving preserving”.

Rosie already hosts successful teaching workshops in her kitchen but, as the founder of the Guild of Jam and Preserve Makers, wants to be able to reach people in their own homes.

She said: “One of the many myths about preserving is that it’s hard and it’s time consuming.

“My new boxes are called ‘Rosie Makes it Easy’ for the simple reason that it’s quick and simple to start preserving. And we’re not just talking about making jam. The first box contains everything you need to make a wholegrain mustard with beer and the best part is, it doesn’t even involve any cooking.”

The box contains “pantry” ingredients, specialist equipment, step-by-step instructions and some information on the history of mustard as a condiment. All subscribers need to do is add a bottle of their favourite ale.

Each month subscribers to Rosie Makes it Easy boxes will receive a new recipe box with similar items to create a seasonal preserve – from herbs and mustards to jams and curds. Each box will also contain a copy of Rosie’s self-published magazine ‘Simply Preserved’ which has articles, features and recipes from industry experts.

In 2017, Rosie was diagnosed with breast cancer and during her treatment, which she has now fully recovered from, she wrote a book about her life called ‘In a Bit of a Jam’and set a mission for herself to teach people who have never preserved before how to reduce waste, recycle food and fill their store cupboard with the right ingredients to do so.

Rosie Makes it Easy Preserving Boxes subscriptions for three, six or 12-months are available directly from Rosie via her website www.lovejars.co.uk or from www.uopen.com

The wholegrain mustard box is also available at a stand-alone price of £19.99 plus p&p. Rosie has uploaded a video to her YouTube channel – The Preserving Channel with Rosie Makes– which has step-by-step instructions for more advanced preservers who already have the ingredients and equipment needed.