Don’t miss out on seeing Tim Fowler’s latest exhibition, ALPHA Male, before it closes this weekend. The exhibition at Studioname will be open until Sunday 21 July.

Tim is one of Leicester’s best loved artists, who some of you may know from his recent sold out exhibition at LCB Depot – 100 Skulls. Contemporary in style, Tim is best known for his bold and intense use of colour, which is seen again in his latest exhibition, ALPHA Male.

The exhibition consists of several paintings, some scaling over 6ft tall, show typical and intimate family scenes. Throughout this project, which has been funded by Arts Council England, Tim has worked to subvert the typical ideas of males within the family unit.

alpha male Tim fowler

“When one ponders the concept of an alpha male, negative images of aggression, dominance, misogyny and domineering displays of toxic masculinity are conjured. By using ALPHA male as the title for the exhibition Tim saturises these notions making the term and these traits lose their power. His title dissimulates from the subject matter and is purposeful and used ironically to poke fun at those outdated ideas of what it means to be male and what roles men are expected to play. It intends to challenge people’s preconceptions of what an alpha male is, does and should be. The work within the exhibition contrasts with those archaic prejudices and challenges attitudes, showing vulnerabilities; frankness and humour, taking a satirical look at manliness and fatherhood.”

The exhibition runs until 21 July at Studioname, 2 Brougham Street, Leicester LE1 2BA.

For more information on the artist please visit Tim Fowler’s website.