Cool As Leicester is delighted to announce that we will be partnering with Lamp as our Charity of the Year. Throughout 2020 this will see us work with Lamp to help raise awareness of their many local initiatives to support mental health. 

Lamp has provided free independent mental health advocacy and services in Leicestershire since 1989.  They offer invaluable support to those suffering from mental health issues as well as to those who are caring for them.

From working with individuals to give them the confidence to speak out to promoting greater understanding and awareness to help communities, Lamp have had a major impact on the development of mental health support and awareness in Leicestershire. Their aim has always been to provide information and support to help challenge stigma, increase awareness and help those whose lives are affected by mental health.

For us here at Cool As Leicester, mental health is an issue that’s very close to our heart and so we’re delighted to have the opportunity to partner with Lamp. The services they provide locally are invaluable, through individual help, support groups, carer support, fund-raising and more.

Mental health is complex, it can be invisible and asking for help can be incredibly difficult, however LAMP’s activities across Leicestershire are fighting to help people and break stigma on a daily basis and we’re looking forward to working with them throughout 2020.

For more information on LAMP please visit their website at