Have you heard of Korfball?

Having seen the sport regularly pop up on our social media feeds, with local training and opportunities to play, we thought we’d find out a little more about it and how to get involved.

What sport is it most similar to?

Korfball is commonly described as a mix of basketball and netball, with teams of 8 (4 boys and 4 girls) aiming to score goals by throwing a ball through a korf (which is Dutch for ‘basket’) suspended 3.5m in the air. The core skills are probably more similar to netball with players not allowed to dribble.

Can beginners play?

Absolutely, we regularly welcome new people to our club and are actively trying to recruit. Our second team play matches in the local league which is suitable for beginners and we are aiming to enter a 3rd team into the leagues soon which would be perfect for anyone wanting to try out the sport.

Where abouts do you train?

We train every Tuesday evening at Braunstone leisure centre, LE3 1JN. Our training runs from 7.30pm to 9.30pm and beginners are welcome any time.

What would you say are the 3 main skills someone needs to play Korfball?

Hand eye co-ordination (catching and throwing)


Good communication

What’s your favourite thing about being involved in the sport?

The social element of our sport is incredible and integral to Korfball. Everyone is really friendly and the most important thing with korfball is having fun.

How much time do people need to commit to get involved?

People can commit as little or as much time as they want. We train once a week (Tuesday evenings) and play matches most weekends during the season. We have members who come to every session and play every match but we also have members who attend training when they can and don’t play matches. Whatever suits them best.

Where can people find out more and sign up?

The easiest way to get in touch is via Instagram @leicesterkorf or via our website www.leicesterkorfball.org.uk

Alternatively just come along to a session on a Tuesday to find out what it’s all about.