With education around health and fitness at an all time high for adults, what about for the next generation coming through?

Griffin Fit, based just off Welford Road (LE2), has launched a new programme aimed at 10 – 16 year olds to inspire not only their own health and fitness, but also the additional benefits that come from it, such as increased confidence and the ability to develop in a supportive environment.

The Next Gen Hub launched in late 2023 at the Leicester based personal training studio, with new year sessions now available to book. We caught up with gym owner, Lizzie Griffin, to find out more about it.

How would you describe Next Gen Hub in one sentence?

This is more than just fitness, it’s about nurturing the next generation to be strong, confident & resilient.

What inspired the idea?

Knowing more people are suffering with their mental health as adults, but what about the kids? Kids mental health matters too and we rave about the benefits of exercise as adults for our wellbeing but it isn’t as wide spread for kids. Especially those that aren’t into sports. There isn’t really anything out there. I personally would have loved something like this growing up because as soon as I turned 16 I started the gym. Teenage years are so important, our bodies change, our hormones kick in, body image and low self esteem can start, so If we can tackle confidence and build resilience at a younger age they will thrive through adulthood. We want to teach them that exercise can be fun and make you stronger.

Who is it aimed at?

We are opening our sessions for 10-16 year olds. They are for all genders, fitness levels, abilities and they can be tailored to suit an individual. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge or experience in activity.

How important is it to make sessions like this accessible for teenagers?

It’s so important. One, for their mental health, which will help control their mood, their behaviour, as well as manage their hormones that will be changing.

Two, to help them with their sleep quality & their concentration at school.

Three, it can improve self esteem issues & reduce anxiety levels. It’s an age that gets lost and not thought about in our opinion, which is why we wanted to jump in and create something that they would not only enjoy but would benefit massively from too.

What is it about Griffin Fit that makes it a good space for starting a programme like this?

Griffin Fit is an appointment only personal training studio so it’s fully private. The teens won’t be mixing with our adult sessions and this alone will help reduce their anxiety and worries about starting something new. Our coaching team are amazing! 

The studio is open plan so parents can sit and watch the session or drop off and come collect after. Our sessions are all coach led too so they will be supported and encouraged throughout, but also watched closely for good, safe and effective technique. They’ll never be left alone to do their own thing. 

If you were the parent of a teenager reading this, what should they know to consider if it’s right for their teen?

If your teen is already physically active around 5 times a week then adding this in would be too much so probably not suited. If they lowered some current activity to add this in then that’s a possibility. What we wouldn’t want is an already active teen to become too active and over train causing the body not to have proper rest. This could increase risk of a potential injury if they aren’t getting adequate rest.

We are recommending a maximum of 2 of our whole body resistance training sessions a week with a day’s gap in between to ensure enough rest.

Where can people find out more, sign up?

We are currently offering your first session free, so get in touch asap. Please check out our new Facebook and Instagram pages, and you can contact us directly through them.

Or via email: [email protected]

Phone: 0116 3678819

Mob: 07817915485

Sessions, prices and times 

Whole body resistance based workouts designed to be fun, engaging, supportive and to help not only build strength and endurance but also confidence.

Sessions are running: Monday – Thursday 4pm – 4.45pm
Saturday -9.45am-10.30am

First session is FREE.

Pay as you go option: £10

Monthly Membership: 2 sessions a week £60 per month.