she drew the gun leicester

It’s been a massive year for She Drew The Gun so far and we caught up with the Glastonbury Emerging Talent winner for a few questions before their tour comes to Leicester on Tuesday 25 October.

How would you describe your sound to people who are new to She Drew The Gun?

Laura Marling meets Portishead at a 90’s mushroom tea party.


Who’s been your biggest musical inspiration?

No. 1 for me will always have to be John Lennon, but I’m going to have to stop mentioning him in interviews soon I think cos he always comes up.


Playing on the John Peel Stage at Glastonbury is a huge honour, how did you prepare for the performance?

We pretty much took every gig we could get hold of in the lead up, we got some other invites at the festival and ended up playing at a different stage everyday from the Wednesday till our Sunday slot at the John Peel, it kept us out of trouble and meant we were match fit for the gig.


Having been a regular on the open mic circuit what tips do you have for other singer/songwriters hoping to get spotted?

I’m still learning it all myself but I’d say from my experience so far..Keep writing, keep listening, learn to do anything you can by yourself, you don’t need a big budget to make something interesting to put out there, just keep trying to make moves in the right direction, don’t get too caught up in the game, and don’t give up.


What’s been your favourite venue to play at?

We supported Fink last year at Tempodrome in Berlin, that venue, and the crowd was absolutely unbelievable, there was something really special about that one.


You’ve got a night off from performing, who’s the band you want to go and see?

Lets go for Weezer, we had tickets to go see them back in April but we got an amazing gig supporting The Coral instead, so we could make up for missing them.


What was the first song you ever learnt to play?

I’d love to say something cool here but I think ‘More than Words’ by Extreme was the first one.


What are the next plans for She Drew The Gun?

We’re just really enjoying getting out there and playing these songs to people at the moment, so thats the main thing I’d say, its all about trying to get the album out there, after this tour there’s always plenty more writing and recording to be done, we just want to play to as many people as we can.


Catch She Drew The Gun at The Musician in Leicester on Tuesday 25 October.