Head down to St Martin’s Coffee Shop on Friday 16 August and you can enjoy a free cup of coffee courtesy of Allpress Espresso.

Allpress Espresso started out with a coffee cart back in 1989 and now supply some of the country’s best independent coffee shops. They roast coffee exclusively using their Allpress Hot Air Roast method after innovating and building their Hot Air Roasters from the ground up, designed for flavour first.

On Friday 16 August they’ll be at St Martin’s Coffee Shop to give you all a taste of things to come. Meet the guys from the Allpress team between 9am – 1pm and enjoy a free cup of their filter coffee. St Martin’s will also be serving their espresso all through the day.

After meeting at the London Coffee Festival the St Martin’s Coffee team recognised their pursuit of perfection and decades of experience and from 2 September they will be serving their beans throughout the coffee shop.

Find out more on the Allpress website.