Leicestershire dog lovers and art lovers, there’s an exhibition popping up at The Cow & Plough this month you might enjoy! Renowned artist, Mueen Saheed, will be opening his new exhibition, Man’s Best Friend, at The Cow & Plough on Friday 27 August.

Mueen specialises in abstract art. He feels it’s a medium with a lot of freedom, leaving a lot up to the individual’s own perception. For many, every time they look they will never see the same image. This is the concept that Mueen has taken into his new exhibition, Man’s Best Friend. This exhibition features the relationship between man and his canine companion. Mueen has researched the connections between man and his dog throughout history and through prominent stories that exemplify this time old relationship.

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Man’s Best Friend will showcase Mueen’s work creating abstract portraits of various dog breeds and will run until Sunday 29 August. Featured in the collection of over 100 paintings are royals, famous artists, singers and sportsmen with their dogs in an abstract narrative style. Plus there is more in his paintings than just dogs, they also have the stories behind the master and his pet. Mueen hopes to bring together art lovers and dog lovers in a common platform while creating awareness to social responsibilities.

The exhibition will launch on Friday 27 August from 5pm at The Cow & Plough, Stoughton. As well as viewing the exhibition there will be food available and a live art display. Children (and adults) will be able to add their own personal touch to the large live art project, which will then be auctioned off after the show with the proceeds going to a local charity.

Of course, people are encouraged to also bring along their 4-legged best friend, with The Cow & Plough proudly being one of Leicestershire’s most dog friendly pubs.

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Alongside Mueen’s art work he does a lot of community work, regularly donating artwork, holding charity exhibitions, working with young people and even offering his service to work with offenders as part of their rehabilitation.

He commented, “For me art is about more than the painting itself, it’s about the journey it takes you on. I have been fortunate to use this to help in many ways and that’s something I will always continue to do.”

You can see Man’s Best Friend at The Cow & Plough, Gartree Road, Oadby, from Friday 27 – Sunday 29 August.

For more information on Mueen Saheed you can visit his website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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