BID Spotlight: A touch of pink with Audrey

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Brand new bar, Audrey, has been a big hit since lockdown lifted. Its perfectly pink interior makes it an Instagram dream and bookings came flooding in for opening weekend.

Now that they’re open we caught up with Owner, Nico, to chat more about the bar, what makes it so special, which cocktail we need to try off the menu and what’s coming next.

How was your opening weekend at Audrey?

It was great. We were so busy with pretty much every table fully booked, and just a few walk-ins early doors on Friday. A fantastic way to kick start things.

How would you describe Audrey?

Pink. We have a very pink aesthetic, but it’s simple and tasteful. There’s a touch of Miami and we’ve taken some retro influences too… hence the name!

What is unique about the venue?

I think the look we’ve gone for and also probably the music. Myself and my business partner are both very involved in and influenced by music so we give that a lot of thought. We have playlists for daytime and night time, as well as disco playlists and with our DJ it’s all about being able to read the room and know what to play.

You have an excellent cocktail menu, but what’s your favourite?

I’d have to say the Espresso Martini. I’m a big Espresso Martini fan, so we’ve spent a long time trying to perfect this and I think we’ve done it with the perfect balance of coffee and sweetness. I don’t like them to be too sweet and so we use Borghetti Espresso liqueur from Italy.

I’d say after that it would have to be our Blueberry French Martini. Whenever a customer tries this one it becomes their new favourite.

Now you’re open, what’s next?

For us right now it’s all about getting the processes right. Our staff are all new and we take a lot of time and effort to make sure they’re happy and on top form with everything. We want them to love coming to work here. We’re taking bookings up until 21 June only at the moment whilst we wait and see what’s in store after that date. Changes could see us moving a few tables round or making minor changes to the layout, so we’ll wait to hear from the government on that.

To make a table booking at Audrey just visit their website at

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