“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas”, we all know the saying, but if you have space for an additional member of your family, then what better time to start than before Christmas?

Dogs Trust in Loughborough houses a large number of rescue dogs, from puppies to older friends, some of whom are new to the centre and some who have been there for much much longer. Wonderful animals from a variety of backgrounds, from retired racing greyhounds to abandoned puppies, no two dogs are the same. Each with their own needs and wants, Dogs Trust provides the perfect warm and loving space for them to learn and grow, but they’re in need of some new families to take care of their loving pals.

The centre not only offers warm beds to all their rescue dogs, but they also have a Puppy Palace play area, a large training facility, the Sanctuary for older dogs who are at the centre long term and they cater for every want of their doggy residents. 

We met Skippy, the adorable Jack Russell who always has a toy in his mouth ready to play.

dogs trust loughborough

And Paddy, the scruffy little pup who couldn’t wait to get outside for his walks.

dogs trust loughborough

And then there was Elgin, the gorgeous Bichon Frise puppy who the centre has done so much work with.

dogs trust loughborough

And Ren; big and loveable, lying watching his visitors go by.

dogs trust loughborough

With such a wide range of pals at Dogs Trust they’re very careful to match the correct dog to the correct owner and on visiting for the first time you’ll fill in a short form about your home life to make sure that your new family member will settle in as easily as possible.

Having visited other animal centres it was wonderful to see just how well looked after the dogs are at Dogs Trust. As one staff member said, “When I started working here I thought I’d be heartbroken every day about the dogs not having a home, but they’re so well looking after. They get daily walks and activities, they’re warm and happy.”

But all dogs want to be part of a family. At Christmas and always.

If you think you can offer a home to a new furry friend visit the Dogs Trust website for more information and arrange a visit to their Loughborough base.