yo sushi

Yo! Sushi has been resident at Highcross for a number of years now so when we heard they’d had a bit of a makeover we were intrigued about what was instore.

If you’ve never been to Yo! Sushi before then you’re missing out on a unique experience. As you sit at your table you’ll be positioned next to a moving conveyor belt and the various dishes will pass you by. Colour coded bowls indicate the price and the menu on the table has you doing a bit of matching pictures, names and dishes together as you choose what you want to eat.

yo sushi

Lucky for us we visited on a Monday, or in Yo! Sushi world, Blue Monday! when all of the dishes off the conveyor belt are £2.70 meaning you can save a huge amount and enjoy some of the “fancier” dishes without worrying about the pennies.

Highlight? The highlight is easy. The Takoyaki. Make sure you order them, they’re immense! Octopus balls with mayonnaise and a fruity sauce. We were eagerly watching the conveyor belt for more of them to come round!

yo sushi

While we definitely had one stand out dish the rest of the options were all delicious. Portion sizes are equivalent to a starter so the excellent thing is that you get to try so many more things. With the set up of the restaurant it would be easy for staff to leave you to it and select your options from the conveyor belt, but they were attentive and polite always asking if we’d like any guidance with the menu or would like to order any hot dishes from the kitchen. It proved pretty helpful given that my dining partner had never visited a Yo! before so that insider knowledge was very welcome.

yo sushi
Blue Monday

Some people have the impression that it’s all about raw fish and rice, but they couldn’t be more wrong. With a hot dish of Chicken Terriyaki ordered fresh from the kitchen, there are also numerous other meat dishes and plenty of vegetarian options. They even do desserts. For veggies, the Vegetable Tempura and Pumpkin Korroke (breaded pumpking croquettes) come highly recommended.

yo sushi
The open kitchen

Many people consider Yo! to be a global chain offered mass produced food, but the menu options remain fantastic. The food is tasty, varied and with the added bonus of being able to order items from the kitchen you can rest assured that it’s fresh.

In terms of sushi we couldn’t resist ordered a California Hand Roll (you’ll only need one, they’re massive), and knowing that this had come freshly prepared from the kitchen was a real plus point.

yo sushi
California Hand Roll

Yo! Sushi is located opposite Cinema De Lux and offers a perfect quick pre cinema meal. With choosing off of the conveyor belt the major incentive is that you can be in and out quickly if you need to be, or also choose to spend longer whilst ordering fresh from the kitchen.

Just keep your eye on how quickly those coloured bowls stack up!!


Yo! Sushi is located in St Peter’s Square, Highross.

The full menu can be found on the Yo! Sushi website.