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Jamie Lenman – Firebug
Wednesday 9 December

Jamie Lenman is best known as the singer, guitarist and songwriter for underground heroes Reuben, who toured and released relentlessly for most of the noughties. Don’t miss out on table tickets. TICKETS.

Andrea Kenny- The Soundhouse 
Saturday 5 December

Former front woman for The Brandy Thieves, join Andrea for a night of solo hits. TICKETS.

ResinEvents Christmas Party – Firebug
Saturday 12 December

Get festive with an evening with “H” from thrash metal legends Acid Reign telling stories of his time on the road, with musical interludes courtesy of InternalConflict and Blood Oath playing all your favourite Christmas carols. Table bookings, food options and more. INFO.


As new students have descended on Leicester in recent weeks this week we’re chatting to Zak Plumb about the impact the DMU Music Society has had on his music career. From opportunities to perform live, to meeting new bandmates, it’s a fantastic introduction to the local scene.

Tell us a little about your involvement in Leicester’s music scene?

So first off I guess I got into it mainly by joining the DMU Music Society in my first year at Uni. I got into a couple of bands via that. For the last 3 years I’ve been on the committee for the society and I can’t express enough how great the society was for someone that had never gigged before but wanted to get a foot in the door of the local music scene. There were so many opportunities to play in venues around town just from the Society. And from this I met the people that I’m currently in bands with.

I’m part of a few Leicester based bands: Scumbag Lion, Piston Slap and Unseen Underground.

How has this year been for you musically and creatively?

Well it got off to a great start, played a gig at The Cookie and a gig at The Shed at the start of the year. Then in March played the DMU vs UoL Varsity event with Scumbag Lion at the O2 Academy which was the biggest venue we’ve ever played, the turnout and atmosphere was great and we ended up winning best band, then got handed the trophy by Frank Benbini from Fun Lovin’ Criminals which was insanely cool!

But then everything happened and here we are. The plan was to have our first EP done and an EP release gig at the Cookie in October, but obviously everything got delayed. That being said the songs that were going to be on the EP have been changed, so I guess in a way we haven’t been any less creative, and it’s given us a chance to slow the pace down a bit and refine the songs a little more before gigging them. That being said we would all much rather be out there watching gigs and playing them!

What was the biggest thing you missed about performing live?

I think playing songs with other people would probably be the biggest thing, luckily enough when the rules got eased over summer we had a couple of practices which were really enjoyable. But another thing I miss is also seeing a decent amount of people in close proximity, the thought of it just seems so alien right now and it will be so good when things are back to the way they were.

How have you found the support from the community as venues were gradually allowed to reopen?

Yeah, to be honest, it’s been really really good, I knew that people were going to miss live music but it really showed! We played an acoustic set the other day at The Soundhouse and it was just such a nice gig to play, everyone was just in a great mood and really supportive, that’s not just exclusive to the people watching but all the staff as well, its clear people are glad to be back.

On top of that we did have a gig booked at Firebug this month but due to the lockdown obviously that can’t happen. But the support from Matt and Kat from Firebug has always been absolutely astounding whether it be for external gigs like this one or Music Society Events, as well as Nik who does sound for the Music Society and guys like Tom from The Shed. It’s just so nice being surrounded by people who really care about what you’re doing and really care for the Music Scene in Leicester.

What is it about Leicester’s music scene that makes it special?

I feel like I’ve accidentally answered this question in the one above haha, but as well as that just the amount of venues there are and how active they all are. If you wanted to go to a show you could pretty much walk to one of the venues in the city on any day of the week and there would be a band on (pre-March of course). Before coming to Uni I never experienced a real music “scene”. So when these active venues have people that really care about music in Leicester at the helm it is a great formula.

Who are some of your favourite local artists?

Homeless Shakespeare & The Pigeon Theatre, Groove & The Bathtub Pings, Timmas, Earls, Arcades. There’s loads! I’d be here for a while naming them all but all the artists above are great and sound wicked live as well.

Not quite as local but in Nottingham there’s a band called Molars and a band called Megatrain, both are really cool.

What music got you through lockdown?

I’ve had Delta Sleep’s album Ghost City on repeat! I got into them this summer and they’re just incredible, aside from that I was listening to quite a lot of Reuben and Oceansize.

Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro also did a livestream every Friday during lockdown that was really good and something to look forward to every week.

How can people continue to support local artists and venues?

I know that a lot of venues were actually making merch over the first lockdown and some even had donation pages so yeah just giving a little or even buying a t-shirt can really help. As for bands the same goes with merch or also buying a single from them, bandcamp are giving 100% proceeds to the artist over the lockdown so they might still be doing the same. And even if you’re not buying anything, I’ve seen a lot of people tagging the artist they’re listening to in an Instagram or Facebook story etc, it always goes a long way knowing someone is enjoying your songs!



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