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Leicester Arts Festivals
(LAF) is a network of cultural Festivals that take place throughout the year within the city of Leicester. With members like Black History Month, Leicester Comedy Festival, Journeys Festival International, An Indian Summer and many more, the group works together to enhance and strengthen the Leicester Festivals that have a strong arts component.

Leicester Arts Festivals is looking to recruit a pool of dedicated volunteers (for short and long-term) who will have the early opportunity to play a key volunteering role within three or more different Festivals over the period through to and including the City Festival in late August 2017.

All volunteers will receive free training sessions in customer care, health and safety, stewarding, project and event management, team work, marketing and communication skills. As well as learning new skills, and gaining great experience, LAF volunteers can look forward to meeting new people and attending/being part of some of Leicester’s most exciting events.

Volunteers must be 18+

To join the LAF Volunteer Programme, please click here to complete a short application form.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact LAF Volunteer Co-ordinator Charlotte Mountford on [email protected] or see below for more information.

LAF Volunteers FAQs

What will I get from volunteering with LAF?
Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to

  • Learn about Festival delivery
  • Make a difference
  • Meet new people
  • Take on a challenge
  • Improve your CV
  • Gain confidence
  • Have fun!

By joining LAF Volunteers you will have the opportunity to attend free training sessions on the following subjects;

  • customer care
  • health and safety
  • stewarding
  • project and event management
  • team work
  • marketing and communication skills

How much time will I have to commit to volunteering with LAF?
We hope that everyone in the volunteer pool will attend at least two training sessions and volunteer their time at up to three festivals(perhaps a day at each). We will match you up with festivals based on your interests, skills and availability.

Do I need to have experience to volunteer with LAF?
No experience is necessary to join the LAF Volunteer pool. By volunteering we hope you will gain lots of new skills and experience. If you feel you do have relevant experience, please let us know on the application form.

Will I get paid if I volunteer with LAF?
No, but you will receive travel expenses and refreshments

Is LAF volunteering accredited?
Currently the LAF Volunteer programme is not accredited, however we hope this will change in the future. Volunteering can sometimes count towards your University degree and other work/college schemes, please ask your tutor/employee to find out more. LAF is more than happy to provide volunteer references. You will receive a formal certificate to acknowledge and celebrate your involvement in the LAF programme.

Who will you share my information with if I volunteer with LAF?
LAF will not share your information or data with third parties, except that the LAF Volunteer Co-ordinator will share your contact details with the relevant person at each Festival you volunteer with, so they can communicate with you directly. You will be automatically added to the LAF Volunteer Programme mailing list.