Great news Red’s True BBQ fans! The kitchen takeover that Red’s have held at BrewDog has been so popular that they’re now creating a proper restaurant upstairs. And you know what that means? Longer hours and a bigger menu.

From Friday 3 May, fans of Beer and BBQ will be able to enjoy their favourite dishes more often as Leicester gets its  very own church of true barbecue. What’s more, Red’s have added a couple of new items to their increasingly popular menu – the famous Donut Burger will be ongoing on the menu as well as the epic Memphis Pork Belly.

red's brewdog leicester
The Donut Burger

Red’s co-Founder, James Douglas says, “We’ve seen an amazing reaction since we launched Red’s smokehouse into BrewDog Leicester back in February. There’s been lots of positive guest feedback about the quality of the food and the choice available, so we’re super excited to be able to respond to this local appetite for what we do, by opening 7 days, creating our own restaurant space and adding more barbecue favourites onto the menu.”

red's brewdog leicester

Red’s operate 7 restaurant sites in the UK, in Leeds, Manchester, Headingley, Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield and Newcastle. The brand made BBQ history last year, with a 4th place finish at the 2018 World’s Championship-Bar-B-Que Contest in Houston – the most successful non-US BBQ cook team in the event’s 45-year history. 

Red’s food is a celebration of regional U.S. smokehouse barbecue, proud to be the experts and pioneers of authentic flavours & glorious meats, which are smoked low ‘n’ slow by their own trained Pitmasters. 

red's brewdog leicester
Honey Bourbon Pork Belly Bites

Visit Red’s at BrewDog Leicester on Friar Lane. Visit the BrewDog website.