Put this time at home to good use and practice your art skills.

Leicester’s StudionAme and international artist, Jonjo Elliott are bringing their art classes online over the next few weeks. Perfect for both adult and kids, or for a fun thing to do together. You can access the first videos now via YouTube.

We caught up with Jonjo to find out more about it.

You’re running online art classes for people to enjoy at home, can you tell us a little more about what people can expect?

The online classes will all be easy to follow and involve items and materials that hopefully people will have at home. Each video will be instructional, fun and educational, but not too serious!

How can people log-on to the classes?

You can log onto the classes through the StudionAme Facebook channel and we’ll upload videos as soon as we’ve created them.

jonjo Elliott artist

What sort of age range are they aimed at?

We work with kids and adults on a weekly basis at the studio so for these online versions we’ll be making classes to suit everyone. The kids classes can be followed by adults and vice versa. Art is all about exploring creativity and having a go at something new and all artists are kids anyway!

Do people need to have certain materials available at home?

We’re trying to use materials which can be easily found at home. Sometimes we may use a bit of paint or glue but we give alternatives in each video. Hopefully everyone has a little art drawer where they keep their arty bits and pieces.

Tell us a little more about your work as an artist?

As an artist I mainly work with paint and canvas but i like to include installation art in my exhibitions which have included useable skateparks built within the gallery space and paintings you can walk into. I’m represented by galleries in Los Angeles and have exhibited my art internationally for the last few years.

jonjo Elliott artist

Who are some of your other favourite artists?

I’m inspired by so many artists that it’d be hard to name any. I’m also massively inspired by the kids I work with in my art classes who amaze me with their skills and creativity each week.

Where can people see your work?

My work can be seen on my website at and through my Instagram page.

When all of this is over what’s the first thing you’re going to do?

After this is all over I’m looking forward to getting my exhibition schedule back on track. Most shows and art fairs have been cancelled for the foreseeable future so there are a lot of artists out there in the same position. I’m looking forward to just having an ordinary day again in my studio!