The issues around stockpiling have been well publicised, so if you want to make sure you don’t need to go out shopping again then Leicester’s Crowndale Food offer a far better solution.

The wholesale food & drink distributer has opened up their business offering to the general public meaning that you can get certain items and offers that were previously only open to business account holders.

crowndale food leicester

As well as their main public customer list they have certain offers such as the Kids Food & Drink Package with enough juice carton, fish fingers and jelly pots to see them through a few weeks!

They also have a special Vegan Box offer too, including large quantities of vegan snacks and meal ingredients.

From fresh veg and meats to milk, bottled drinks and cheese, they’re on hand to deliver whatever you need.

For more information see the full public price lists on Facebook and contact Crowndale on [email protected]. Free delivery over £50.