Timeless Haus is the Leicester start-up from Michael Biagioni.

Through recycling and refurbishing timeless homeware, Michael is now launching his new showroom in the Corah Building. We caught up with him to find out more about the business ahead of his open day on Saturday 30 July 2022.

What inspired you to start Timeless Haus?

I have always had a passion for anything design related, particularly when it comes to fashion and interiors. Based on the experience I collected in the 10 years working as a buyer across Tesco and Sainsburys I have always had a passion for product and curating ranges. During lockdown it gave everyone the opportunity to sit and reflect around what it is in life that makes them happy and with the changes to working from home I decided a 9-5 office job was no longer what I wanted to do. I started off Timeless Haus as a side hustle/passion project alongside my day job and quickly realised this was something that excites me and I could turn into my main source of income. So in September 2021 I decided to hand in my notice and go fully self employed from January 2022.

timeless haus

What are some of your favourite items you sell?

I have sold a lot of teak furniture since setting up the business and one of my favourite pieces was the Nathan circles sideboard, the design of it is so beautiful and is often considered the holy grail of teak furniture. Over time I have started to diversify my range slightly and I really enjoy buying and selling sofas as there are so many iconic designs in the mid century catalogue and it also links in to what I did prior to Timeless Haus.

Tell us about your background before starting the shop?

I was a senior buyer for Sainsburys buying furniture (sofas) across the Habitat and Argos brands. Now you can see why Timeless Haus made so much sense for me to do! I loved that job and it taught me so many skills and I met incredible friends for life as well as getting to travel the world and I will always be grateful for that experience.

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Which designers inspire you?

I have a big thing for vintage Habitat and Ikea products, many of which sit in my personal collection so naturally I am drawn towards Terence Conran. They design beautiful striking and bold designs that I personally feel will stand the test of time across many more decades and that’s what great design is about.

What do you think makes Leicester’s makers and creative community special?

Leicester is an incredibly diverse city, which I feel lends itself well to the creative community as people can draw on experiences from all different walks of life and culture. Because there is so much going on within the creative field whether it be fashion, design, furniture or music it allows individuals to express themselves freely and allows their creative side to flourish.

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You’re based in the historic Corah building, how has it been designing the space?

Luckily I took over the unit from my friend Helen at KG Curated who does a similar thing to me so the space was already in good shape. It’s taken a lot of work to put my personal touch on the space to not only reflect Timeless Haus but also to reflect my personality within the space as well, as you will see from my office area. The high ceilings and large windows allow for a lot of natural light in some spots of the unit and have enabled me to capture my product shots in natural light which is exactly the look I wanted to capture.

What are your opening times and where can people find out more?

I am having a showroom and website launch open day on the 30th of July from 12-5 which is open to the public. Outside of that due to the location it will be a booking only showroom, which after the 30th customers will be able to book slots via my website. Standard times would be weekdays but I will also be open to customers coming in on the weekend as I understand it’s easier for them to work around their jobs.

timeless haus

Timeless Haus will be located in the Corah Building. Keep up to date via Facebook and Instagram.