Over on Allandale Road, The Real Ale Classroom has become a home from home for many since they opened.

The award-winning pub serves the finest ales, gins and many a tasty bar snack. During these difficult times the pub is running a take-away option and we caught up with owner, Steve, to find out more about it.

How has The Classroom been adapting to the situation at the moment?

I have been concerned for a while so we upped our procedures for  cleaning and hygiene. We decided to close on Monday evening after Boris’ speech. We felt the health of staff and customers was becoming a serious issue. From Wednesday we opened as a takeaway from 5-7pm. We only let one person enter at a time and the door is open.

What items can people enjoy as takeaway?

We are selling everything. Cask and keg beers in bottles and growlers, cans, wine, snacks and bottles of gin. We can also sell whole casks with a stand and a tap!

Do people need to order in advance and if so how?

They can order by email [email protected] or message us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or just show up.

What do you think it is about The Real Ale Classroom that brings about such a dedicated customer base?

I don’t know, we just have lovely customers. Our customers have been amazing, they have shown us such love and support. There is a real community spirit and people understand how tough it is going to get. We’ve had people volunteer for delivery cyclists. People want to help.

What are some of your favourite beers that you sell?

My favourite beers are juicy hazy bright yellow New England IPAs. Almasty, Cloudwater, Neon Raptor, Verdant and Deya are my favourites.

real ale classroom

Tell us 3 of your other favourite independents?

Mill Hill Cask & Coffee
Tap and Barrel
Queens Road Tap

What’s the first thing you’ll do when this is all over?

Throw a massive garden party at the pub and get wasted

Keep up to date with The Real Ale Classroom and enquire about take-aways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.