Since Man vs Food hit our TV screens there’s been a huge rise in interest of food challenges across the globe. A lot of you may not know it but there are even some right here on our doorstep in Leicestershire, so we thought we’d send out our big eater to go and test one of them out! Find out how he got on and we’ve even got the chance for you to go and take on the challenge yourself!


Location: Spur Steak & Grill, Filbert Way, Leicester
Food: Giant burger including 4 individual burger patties layered with cheese and bacon plus 2 sides
Time limit: 20 minutes

Having eaten at Spur before we knew the food was going to be good, but 4 burgers and 2 sides in under 20 minutes seemed a lot to take on! Especially when our big eater stated “I’m not even feeling that hungry!!”

Asked if he wanted the burger to have cheese and bacon on them he said yes, go big or go home! With a choice of sides including chips and onion rings, coleslaw seemed like a semi-sensible choice to go for! When the plate came out it didn’t disappoint, a mountain of a burger that looked a little intimidating! Gerda, the waitress, was ready on hand with her stopwatch to start him off and away he went.


No particular tactics in mind he took off the bun and spread the burgers around the plate to get through the meat first. As the clock was ticking he seemed to be ploughing through the plate but was slowed down by the bacon, which made the meal more salty. That’s what you get for being greedy!


10 minutes done and over half way done, he looked confident now in finishing this in the 20 minute timescale. The record time that it had been eaten in was 12 minutes, which was now beyond him but with his last mouthful of coleslaw down the clock stopped on 15 minutes and the challenge was completed with a huge 5 minutes remaining!

Stuffed and thirsty there was a round of applause and pint of coke waiting.

“How are you feeling after that?” Gerda asked.

“Can I have a look at the dessert menu?” he replied and finished the meal with an ice cream sundae!


We did hear that Spur have a pretty crazy steak challenge coming up though, so we’ll see if he can stand up to that one next time!

Now here’s your chance to take on the Spur Burger Challenge and get your name on the wall of fame. For your chance to see if you can beat our time of 15 minutes just email us at [email protected] telling us why you’re up to the job? The winner will get the chance to go along to Spur for a meal with a friend and take on the burger challenge. The closing date for entries is Friday 9 May.