Bunny Kiss Cocktail recipe with Kal

Who’s missing their weekend cocktails? Hands up!

We caught up with one of Leicester’s very best bartenders and cocktail supremos, Kal Ruparell from 33 Cank Street and 100&Six to come up with an Easter special just for us – and you at home!

If you give it a go please do share your photos with us over on Twitter and Instagram.

kal 33 cank street


Ok guys a simple cocktail for you to enjoy over the Easter Bank Holiday with equipment and ingredients kicking around the house.

You need:

-A blender/nutri-bullet for a frappe style drink or a cocktail shaker 

-Booze – what ever your favourite/kicking about – Whisk(e)y, Rum, Vodka, will work particularly well

-Chocolate – in the form of a Chocolate liqueur (dark or white) and/or NUTELLA – Yes Nutella – if you don’t have either of those give up… or use Biscoff spread.


-Milk – what ever you fancy. Oat/Almond will also work well.

I like using a blender as you can make a whole round in one go and plus you’ll get a nice texture and a long/cold drink, which is especially good in the sun 

Per drink – 

50ml base sprit

25ml Chocolate liqueur and/or 1 Desert spoon Nutella/Biscoff

100ml Milk (you can even add a scoop of ice cream if you’re feeling cute)

Blend to emulsify, taste, adjust if you’d like it sweeter etc

Then add ice – just a small scoop at a time as you can add put not take away

Blend well, serve in your favourite cup/glass, garnish with grated chocolate/chocolate sauce etc, straw (not plastic, you bastard)

Drink & Enjoy x