Bright lights, fun sounds, engaging play: all of these perfectly describe our very own Genting casino, which has made a name for itself in the Leicester area for being a great entertainment spot over the years.

The Genting brand is known all over the world as one of the best chains when it comes to giving its patrons a great casino experience, which is evident from the way the group has expanded across the globe since its inception in 1965. There are tons of Genting casinos all across the UK, with the Leicester branch located right in the city centre.

Table play

The Genting casino features a cosy setup, with blackjack and roulette tables taking centre stage. The staff are friendly and chatty, and the casino’s smart casual dress code means the atmosphere remains welcoming and accessible even for those who are stepping inside for the first time.

A great bonus is that there are also quite a few e-tables available for anyone who wants to hunker down and get their virtual game face on. With many casino games now drawing on popular video game titles, the options are endless and the gameplay is sure to be exciting even for amateur players.

Genting Casino  [Unsplash] - No changes were made to the image/images
[Unsplash] – No changes were made to the image/images
Slot machines

No casino is complete without the classic slot machine, and this type of gaming has becoming increasingly popular in recent times due to new types of jackpots. Gala Spins’ outline of modern slot machines in casinos notes how many now have progressive jackpots that increase every time the game is played. It is therefore no wonder that slots have become a mainstay in casino gaming. And with the 24 slots at the Genting Casino in Leicester offering a minimum return percentage of 94% these are a must try.

Excellent food and beverages

Now, the difference between a good casino and a great one isn’t in the number of games they offer: it’s in the atmosphere that the place exudes. As mentioned in the beginning, the Genting brand has risen to prominence due to its well-trained staff that make you feel right at home. In Genting Leicester, nowhere is this hospitality more evident than in the bar and lounge area. Their late bar serves a great spread of cocktails and wines by the bottle, and they won’t also shy away from preparing you a nice cuppa or a hot chocolate if that’s more your style. However, it’s worth noting that while this casino doesn’t have a full restaurant, their menu does have plenty of delicious light snacks you can happily munch on while playing a game or two.

While we’re undoubtedly waiting for the days when we can finally go outside and hit up our favourite local pubs and haunts, now is the perfect opportunity to read up on a few great attractions in Leicester that could be right outside your doorstep.