With the ears still ringing from Kasabian’s epic gig on Victoria Park this weekend, the mind quickly turns to more cosy and intimate occasions on Leicester’s music scene.

The triumphant rise of Kasabian from Leicester’s small venues to hosting their own ‘Knebworth’ event in their home town, demonstrates how a band can move through the venues to scale such heady heights. For all Leicester’s music fans, the hope would be for all those who enjoyed Saturday’s massive Kasabian gig that they would go onto explore some of the city’s new bands, to help support such future talent to develop.

One of the best new nights in Leicester music calendar has been the acoustic night at St Martins Coffee in the independent heart of the city. The coffee house has recently expanded into a range of great events with the acoustic night on the last Thursday of the month proving a consistent and rather ace way of spending an evening.

The night so far has included the eclectic talents of new reggae and Ska infusions from By The Rivers, anarchic blues from Preacher and the Bear and the stylish and melodic sounds of the Daydream Club.

As it is hosted on the first floor of the coffee house it provides and atmospheric and lovely environment for a gig with a range of excellent brews of both coffee and beer varieties! Better still, this month’s instalment is also free! Featuring the local talents of Dexeter, Jeannine Barry, Amii Dawes and Lewys Holt.

So get yourself down to St Martins Coffee to support Leicester next generation of music talents! The next Acoustic Session monthly night is on Thursday 26 June, 7 – 11pm at St Martins Coffee, Leicester.  But you can check out their website for all future listings HERE.

James Hickford @mrhickford