With summer almost here it’s the time when we start thinking about getting fit and squeezing into that beachwear! With this in mind a few of us here at Cool As Leicester have been undertaking some new fitness regimes for summer, from our 1 month challenge with Find Your Fitness UK to bodybuilding training!

Hench Nutrition sent us over some of their products to try out and we were in for a treat! Hench do a great range of products, much more than just your standard protein shakes, with options including pancake mix, flapjacks, protein cookies, they even do protein pizza!

The highlight of the selection they sent over to us was the protein porridge. Wow. Packing in 22g of protein in each serving, a bowlful is a great way to start your day. We tried the vanilla and honey flavour and there was no need to any additional sweetener. Great flavouring and taste. You can top with fruit or eat just as it is for a tasty and filling breakfast. This one will definitely keep you going through the morning! We didn’t even need to double up the portions. To find out more and buy just click HERE.

hench porridge

We also tried out the Muscle Pump pre-working out drinks in tropical fruit flavour. It made a great change to your standard protein shake as it’s so refreshing. A great one to mix-up, quench your thirst and give you that much needed energy boost before hitting the gym. If you’re feeling a little sluggish pre-workout this comes highly recommended. To read more and buy click HERE.

Last but not least we got our hands on some of the Hench Pro-Expert 100% Whey Protein shake. We had the vanilla flavour and were intrigued as to what it would be like having tried many different brands before. Now, with most shakes you can mix up using water but Hench do recommend using milk on their instructions. Obviously this adds to your calories (but you can always opt for skimmed milk to ease that up) but in a way it’s worth it because it tastes so good. I think my exact words on trying it were “Wow it tastes like a McDonalds milkshake!” Protein shakes can be so hit and miss that it’s good to find one that’s truly enjoyable! But just watch out for that milk and calories…. You can find out the different flavours and product info HERE.

hench whey

Thanks to Hench Nutrition for sending over the samples. We’ll definitely be shopping with you again as we keep up the summer fitness challenge!


For details on all Hench products visit their website HERE.

You can also follow them on Twitter @HenchNutrition