Have you always wondered exactly what it’s like to run your own pub, or how to get started? Everards are inviting you find out on Wednesday 21 February at their ‘Pop Inn’ event which will be held at The Cradock pub in Knighton (one of our favourites!) Not only that but they’re also after some keen people to potentially take over their new on site coffee shop!

This informal event will see the Everards team sitting down over a brew and answering any burning questions you have; “What experience do I need? What exactly does it mean to run your own pub? Do I need money? What if we want to take a pub on as a family?”

No matter what your question, the Everards team have the knowledge and experience to answer anything thrown their way and will share all the info with you to guide you in the right direction.

It’s not just great people to run great pubs that Everards are looking for – as part of the new Everards Meadows development they are looking for people to run a brand-new café on the site. Anyone who likes the sound of running their own cafe with Everards can pop in and chat about this too!

So, drop in any time between 12 noon and 7pm, have a drink, and maybe start the foundations toward a new future in the world of pubs.