33 Cank Street is undoubtedly one of Leicester’s finest cocktail bars, so it was fantastic to hear the news that the owner was opening a new venue just out of town on Queens Road. Now we’ve got a little more insight into what to expect and we can’t wait!

First up, the name. The venue will be called 100&Six and they’re planning to open in March 2019, so not long to go now! The main thing that the owners are quick to clarify is that this won’t just be a replica of 33 Cank Street. “33, based in St Martin’s, has built up its own unique feel over the last 5 years. Even if we could, it simply wouldn’t make sense to try and replicate it.

100&six queens road

They have however confirmed that 100&Six will also be an eatery as well as cocktails. “100&Six will be a fun & inventive modern neighbourhood bar & eatery. With the community at heart & ambition and mind to become a destination.

Owner, Kal Ruparell, is certainly no stranger to the Clarendon Park community and is looking forward to coming back  to the area to provide something new and exciting. We can’t wait.

Roll on March!