If you’re looking for something different to do in Leicester city centre then Leicester Simulations has the perfect option.

Located on Cank Street in town the venue has two Formula 1 racing simulators and downstairs there’s an incredible set-up with two flying simulators; one of a Spitfire and one of a Messerschmitt. With the venue also having a licensed bar on the premises it really is a perfect option for a celebration, birthday, stag do or just a good excuse for an afternoon out.

leicester simulations

As we went down to trial the simulators, the main thing to note is the quality of the equipment and tech. As you sink back in the low chair on the F1 simulator, you’ll be experiencing the same state of the art simulation technology that trains formula three drivers. The professional system and set-up gives a fantastic experience and, for most of us, will be the closest you’ll get to an F1 experience. With the F1 experience you can choose to race solo or race against a friend or partner. Whichever you choose it’s a brilliant experience and the perfect way to start a night out.

As you make your way downstairs you’re immersed in an aircraft hangar feel to the building as 2 incredible flight simulators sit in front of you. The main thing to note is how this isn’t just sitting in front of a computer game, you’re actually climbing into a cockpit and taking controls. Possibly slightly trickier to get the hang on than the F1 experience, it’s easy to see how this could become a regular return visit as you try to improve your technique each time. Enjoy a period of free flight as you get used to the controls and see yourself flying over Dover and London, then get ready for battle as you try to shoot down the enemy planes. Having struggled to know how to control the plane to start with, it wasn’t long before I was trailing the German bombers and managing to get a few shots on target! The owners at Leicester Simulations are brilliant and are on hand to talk you through the experiences, guide you on how to take control and ensure you get the most out of your experience.

leicester simulations

All of the experiences come in 30 minute or 60 minute sessions and if you’re quick you can make the most of their launch offers, which they extended through October.

It doesn’t seem long ago that we’d have struggled for activities to do in town, but now with crazy golf, bowling, climbing and now this, we’re lucky that town is back to being a proper day out for all sorts of occasions.

For more information and booking details you can visit the Leicester Simulations website.

leicester simulations

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