Not that you should need another reason to convince you why it’s important to vote, but it’s nice to have a little bonus.

Now no matter who you vote for on Thursday 12 December you can enjoy a free pint of Punk IPA. BrewDog are not affiliated with any political party or persuasion – but they do believe it’s best to settle differences amicably over a pint. So they’re helping you to do just that.

All you have to do is take a selfie outside your polling station and show it to the crew in your nearest UK BrewDog Bar on Thursday 12th December (which is on Friar Lane in town, by the way). BrewDog will repay your faith in democracy with the reward of free beer (whether you get the Government you voted for or not).

vote punk leicester

Not a drinker, or after something different? You can also use your vote freebie for a free Punk AF, Nanny State and gluten-free Vagabond Pale Ale. And if you’ve already registered via post all you need to do is take in proof of this to the bar on Thursday 12 December.

For full details visit the BrewDog website.