If you’re a Leicestershire based business that plays music day to day, then make sure you read on. Playing music in your business, be it for customers or employees, really demonstrates how important music is in our day to day lives. It can lift a mood, motivate a tired team, or encourage that party to stay in your venue a little longer. Now PPL PRS are giving you the chance to win a £5000 music equipment makeover.

This year PPL PRS launched TheMusicLicence, the one-stop-shop for music licensing and you have until 31 January to enter their Music Makeover competition. Whether you’re a bar, shop, hairdressers, restaurant, office space… ANYTHING, if you play music, you know how important it is.

Leicestershire businesses can apply to receive up to £5000 worth of new sound and music equipment, along with a consultation from leading audio industry expert and world-renowned record producer Steve Levine*, who will advise on getting the right equipment and the proper installation.

Steve Levine is also one of our panel of expert judges, who will assess all of the applications to Music Makeover. 

Being based in Leicester, PPL PRS were keen to make sure Leicestershire companies and organisations who currently play licensed music have the opportunity to get their hands on such a great prize. This can help you use the music you’re playing to its full potential, adding life to your business and boosting employee morale.

Steve Levine will be helping to judge entries and working with the winner.

Speaking about his place on the judging panel, Steve Levine said:

Having worked with numerous businesses around the UK who have taken part in the Music Makeover competition, previously run by PRS for Music, the feedback has been so positive with the winners acknowledging an increase in business and a much richer customer experience.

I am excited to be involved with the PPL PRS Music Makeover in Leicester, a city known for its great music, I have even produced a couple of well know acts from the area!

 I’m looking forward to helping the winner improve their premises’ audio facilities and to help create a sonically enriching experience for both them and their customers.

If this brings music to your ears you can enter your submission to Music Makeover online at pplprs.co.uk/musicmakeover.


*Steve Levine is a Grammy Award winning producer, whose credits include Culture Club, The Beach Boys, Motorhead and Honeyz.  He also won a Brit Award for Producer of the Year, a Musicweek Top Singles Producer award. He also received a Sony Radio Award for his radio documentary series on Record Producers.  Earlier this year his radio documentary about Bing Crosby won double Gold at the New York Festival Radio Awards, he definitely knows his stuff!