Weekly Music Guide – 30.11.2021

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Diary Dates

Millie Manders & The Shutup – Friday 3 December
The Shed

Millie Manders and The Shutup create cross-genre punk that is hard to ignore. With lyricism that pokes fun, draws you in or leaves you questioning social norms teamed with incredible vocal dexterity, grinding guitars, irresistible horn hooks and a pumping rhythm section.

Lakes – Sunday 5 December

Watford based alternative, indie, emo sextet. Taking influence from mid-western emo, math rock and alternative indie, the group’s independent attitude has led them to record all their own music, produce their own music videos and with families of their own they organise child-friendly matinee gigs in their hometown. “Blending Fleetwood Mac-influenced dual pop melodies, American Football math-rock guitars with a hint of rich 90’s emo, Lakes have developed their own brand of “glock-rock” – Already Heard

The Libertines – Tuesday 7 October
O2 Academy

In the early Noughties, you could not escape the sight or sounds of these infectious modern-day punks. Whether dancing at Indie clubs, reading the NME or tuning into Radio 1, The Libertines were everywhere. Now the reunited indie band are back with Pete and Carl once again bringing their riotous performances to venues across the UK. It’s a Time For Heroes again, so don’t miss out on tickets.

Cam Cole – Friday 10 December
The Shed

Over 7 million people have watched in awe as they saw Cam’s viral video on Facebook of him busking on the streets of London. Hailed as “the most impressive one-man band you will ever see” by Unilad when they showcased him to their 44 million followers, Cam Cole is a singer, songwriter, busker and new age traveller from London, UK who roams around performing on streets and venues as his one man band show influenced by Folk, Delta Blues, Grunge and Rock N’ Roll.

Puppy – Wednesday 15 December

Bridging the gap between their childhood love of Heavy Metal with the ’90s American Indie music of their formative years, London-based band Puppy is the brainchild of Jock Norton (vocals, guitars), Billy Howard Price (drums) and Matthew Rickelton (bass). The guys describe themselves as “the sound of growing up listening to Metallica and Pavement in equal measure”, while some critics have compared them to Weezer covering Pearl Jam.


INTERVIEW – The Peaceful Easy

The Peaceful Easy are a Reggae Funk collective from Leicester playing their own super-charged material forged with the band’s distinctive collective style and musicianship. We caught up with them ahead of their first gig at The Soundhouse this month.

How would you describe The Peaceful Easy to anyone who isn’t familiar with you?

We are an eclectic sound, blending reggae and funk with roots blues and even African rhythms.

Which 3 acts would be listed in your “for fans of” section?

That’s a tough one, maybe Massive Attack, Steel Pulse and Public Enemy, but to be honest we don’t really sound much like anyone else

Tell us about the background of the band?

We are all seasoned musicians with backgrounds in many bands including the Splitters, Millmen, Echo Marley, MegaDub, ist, Bluebird Parade, Huggy Joe and many, many more.

What can people expect from a Peaceful Easy live show?

Some incredible musicianship, catchy, clever songs an energetic performance and a few surprises

Who are some of your favourite local acts?

Millmen, Project Blackbird, Kevin Hewick and Uncle Frank

What makes the Leicester music scene special?

Our diversity, our multicultural, musical heritage and of course Showaddywaddy

Where can people see you live or hear your songs online?

We are playing our first gig at the Soundhouse with the Dots and the Markus Reeves on Thursday 16th December, or you can find us on Facebook



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