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Download Pilot Test Festival
Friday 2 July

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Festival Republic announced this week that a three-day, 10,000 capacity, camping only festival will take place at Leicestershire’s Donington Park next month, as the Download Pilot becomes part of the second phase of the Government’s scientific Events Research Programme. Tickets will be weekend only and will go on sale initially to existed Download 2022 ticket holders. Moshing WILL be allowed.

Easy Life’s new album 

easy life album

Easy Life’s debut album Life’s A Beach is out on Friday 28 May. What a year it’s been for the Leicester band and now their debut album looks set to be on the year’s quickest sellers so far.



This week we’re catching up with local pop singer, Larisa. Her new single Move On is out now so we had a chat about staying creative during lockdown and next moves in the pop world

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How would you describe your music to anyone who isn’t familiar?

I’d describe myself as a pop artist first and foremost but my songs may have a bit of a different sound depending on the mood of it, like my debut single ‘Sugar Sweet’ has a bit more of a dance feel to it. Lyrically, I always write about experiences that I’ve been through or seen my loved ones go through so I think my music is probably quite relatable for a lot of people

How did you first get into music?

I don’t ever really remember ‘getting into’ it, it was just always there! I think my mum found a school report from when I was about 5 saying that I loved having music class. None of my family are musical but there was always music playing in the house from Michael Jackson to Savage Garden, Avril Lavigne, Crowded House.

When I was a kid my mum had this cassette in the car which had ‘My Heart Will Go On’ on it and I became obsessed with that song, I’d play it over and over and sing along to it every time. It was the first song I learnt all the words to and from there I completely fell in love with the divas. I’d spend hours in my room listening to Whitney or Mariah and singing along. Songs just seemed to bring me this joy that nothing else did so my Grandma paid for me to have singing lessons as a teen and it’s something that’s stayed with me.

Which 3 artists would be listed in your “for fans of” section?

Not that I’d claim to be on their level at all but in terms of my songs and lyrics I’d probably say Alessia Cara, Taylor Swift and King Princess

Which tracks of yours should someone listed to first?

My debut single ‘Sugar Sweet’ I think gives more of an insight into the kind of things I may write about and is something different to singing about the usual love or heartbreak. Or my latest single ‘Move On’ for something that’s pure pop and will likely get stuck in your head

How difficult have you found it to stay creative over the last 12/18 months?

It’s hard to be creative when the world is full of doom and gloom! I did manage to get into the studio whenever lockdown’s were eased but in terms of writing I didn’t feel much inspiration at all. There was lots of fear and panic and isolation and as someone who loves hugs, I missed having that connection with people, spending time with my family, seeing my friens, seeing my nephew grow, I just never felt like I wanted to write anything.

Sadly I lost my grandma to Covid a few months ago but because I struggle to open up about how I feel, I ended up putting pen to paper to let my emotions pour out. By the end of it I’d written my first song in over a year! But it feels like such a nice and fitting way to honour her so I feel that passion for songwriting coming back now, I find myself wanting to work on this song to do her justice.

What do you have planned musically for the rest of 2021?

I’m working on the song I just mentioned and I’ve started writing some other material now too for a new EP. I’m planning to start recording it as soon as possible and hope to have that released before the end of 2021. Aside from that I want to explore opportunities to play live, whether that’s at music venues or festivals so hopefully there’ll be some live performances thrown in there as well.

How do you find Leicester as a city to be an upcoming performer in?

I haven’t really done much live performance but there are some really great music venues around Leicester, new music has such a platform to be heard which is amazing. And Leicester is full of talented creators from artists to producers so it’s really easy to find great people to collaborate with

Who are some of your other local performers?

I love seeing Mia and the Moon perform, they have beautiful voices and when they harmonise it’s just magical! But there are so many great performers in Leicester, anytime you walk past the Clock Tower you’ll probably find an amazing artist busking which is one thing I love about this city

Where can people hear your music and find out more?

It’s on all the major platforms so Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, SoundCloud etc but anyone who wants to know more can find me on Twitter or Instagram at @LarisaSkists.


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