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Support BroadBand Aid this weekend 

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Whilst schools remain closed and pupils need to self-isolate, some of Leicestershire’s most vulnerable young people still do not have the devices or technology required to access online learning at home. This weekend Yellow Bean Studios have led on putting together BroadBand Aid, streaming a number of virtual gigs by local artists on Saturday 30 and Sunday 31 January. You can find out more and get involved on the Facebook group and donate via the Crowdfunder page.

Carrying on our chats with Leicester’s top musical talent, this week we’re catching up with Nik Sharma. Nik’s been on the Leicester music scene for many years now, in bands and as a solo performer. We caught up with him to find out about his new single, Guava, his lockdown recordings and life in the Leicester music scene.

nik sharma leicester music

How would you describe your music for anyone who isn’t familiar?

If you want to catch the fruity feels, listen to good vibes, huge gangs and sad lyrics, I’m the mango you’ve been looking for.

Tell us about your new single?

Guava is my lockdown baby. Having written the first half during the first week of the national lockdown to recording it in lockdown two to releasing it in lockdown three! 

I needed closure as I spent two years in a deep, repetitive cycle and I finally managed to break out of it just before COVID-19 took over and stopped the world.

During lockdown one, the feels were caught and dropped and the second verse came out in one go, unedited and I’m very proud of that as it’s one of my personal favourite lyrics.

I really wanted to take the listener on a journey and make them realise that towards the end, time heals.

How hard has it been to stay creative during lockdown?

Staying creative has been fine as I’ve always tried to write three songs a week. It’s been recording the songs in my bedroom which has been really hard for me, especially in lockdown two.

I announced the Guava competition in late October and I wasn’t able to fulfill on the original release date of November as lockdown two sucked the energy out of me but it’s okay, we’re here, Guava is out and it feels amazing!

nik sharma leicester music

Who would be listed in your “for fans of” section?

I think that because I’ve got such a weird voice, it’s easier to try and place me in a box with some other singers with a deeper register so I get George Ezra a lot.

But obviously, I’m no George… he really is the king of the Baritone!

Who are some of your other favourite local artists?

I’m very lucky to be friends with some of Leicester’s finest talent. This includes the wonderful beings in my band… DCBL (Artist/DJ) Joseph Greenough (Session Musician/The Pulse) & Toby Joe Leonard (Singer-songwriter).

I also enjoy and listen to the following artists:

– Curtis Clacey
– Charles Drew
– Siobhan Mazzei
– Compulsive Behaviour
– Sam Grubb (Designed my Fruit Machine: The Works tee!)

I’ve got to shout out my mixing engineer Kyle @ Palmtree Studios, he is incredibly talented and I couldn’t have done last years achievements without his help.

Oh, and I can’t forget Easy Life for creating pure bliss!

What is it that makes the Leicester music scene special?

I spent my entire teenage years being heavily involved in the Leicester music scene. From listening to bands on MySpace to arranging the top friends on the page so it matches our favourite Leicester band (HAHA!)

I was in a college band and we were lucky enough to be mates and play alongside bands such as The Screening, Autohype, Razmataz and Formal Warning who would put us on as support and give us an opportunity to play our 160bpm indie!

What makes it so special, then and now, is how everyone always comes together and supports each other, whether it’s at an open mic, or a headline show.

nik sharma leicester music

What do you have planned for 2021?

We’ve had Papaya, we’ve had Pumpkin and we’ve had Guava. What’s next? Lychee? Avocado? Maybe it’s time for Honeydew Melon?

I’ve got more releases planned, going to announce the rescheduled dates of my headline show and hopefully try and build on what i created last year!

If you could collaborate with any other artist who would it be?

Just lock me in a room with James Blake and Bon Iver to be honest and I would be the luckiest musician on planet earth.

How important is for people to support local music right now?

What’s really important right now is that we come together to try and help the grassroots venues in the city to ensure they’re still open when the live sector gets a restart.

I played my first show in a band in 2008, to then playing my first open mic in 2019 to having my first headline show cancelled in March 2020 due to COVID, and this was all at The Shed!

The history behind these Leicester venues means so much to so many people and it’s so important we continue to support them through their online fundraising campaigns and more importantly, when the doors reopen.

the shed Leicester

Where can people find out more about your news and releases?

Omg, come and join the Fruity family and be a Fruit Connoisseur at @nikthehil on insta and Twitter!



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