With no shows taking place we’ve had to switch around our weekly music news just a little bit. However we will still be here every Tuesday with a Leicester music update for you in partnership with PPL PRS Ltd.

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Even more exciting is that every week through this we’ll feature a playlist of some great Leicestershire acts for you to enjoy and hopefully discover some new local favourites. Scroll down for this week’s playlist!

Also this week we caught up with Elisabeth Carley-Leonard, owner of The Shed, to find out how this is affecting the venue, their plans for later in the year and how people can still support the scene during these weeks.

These are difficult times for all businesses but with cancelled shows and enforced closure it’s particularly hard for the leisure and hospitality businesses. How has The Shed coped with what’s happened so far?

Once we had some certainty on Friday, things got a little easier. Choosing to stay open with the vague initial advise was a difficult decision, so being told to close and assured that financial support would be given was a huge relief. 

Have you had to cancel a lot of events and will most of these be rearranged?

We are rescheduling all of our events for the next 2 – 3 months for September onwards to be on the safe side, and ensuring that as many dates as possible can be moved! We’re also using this time wisely to take a good look at the business and how we programme things, as it’s unlikely we’ll ever have an opportunity to ’start again’ in future! 

It’s important to me to stay optimistic and re-frame situations. So instead of being upset that we have been forced to close, I am now grateful for the time I have to take a moment to re-evaluate the business and have a stronger strategy when we re open! 

How can people still support the local music scene during this time?

We have t-shirts on sale that were initially produced to assist in vandalism repair costs! These are still on sale for £15 each, with catchy slogans such as ‘Kick Ass Not Toilets’, ’Steal Hearts Not Taps’ and ’Smash Stigmas Not Mirrors’. BUY ONLINE.

What has The Shed got coming up later in the year that people can look forward to?

As soon as we are allowed to re-open, we will have a series of all-dayer events to kick start the music scene again! We’re also working on a new schedule, so people can get into a regular habit of knowing what kind of thing will be happening and when! 

Who are some of your top tips of local talent that people can discover and listen to whilst at home?

We Give In are favourites of ours, and have just released a new EP! (Check them out on this week’s playlist)

we give in

How will you be spending your unexpected time at home?

Planning and re-strategising our business plan, so when we re-open we are stronger than ever! 

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when all this is over?

Have one hell of a party. Then go to the beach.

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Enjoy this week’s best of Leicester playlist! Each week we’ll be pulling together some of our favourites as well as recommendations to highlight some top local talent. This week’s list features the likes of Gazelle,  The Brandy Thieves, CJ Pandit, Humble He and Elisabeth’s choice above, We Give In.

Have a listen and get in touch to tell us which tracks you’re loving.




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