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The Courteeners – 02 Academy
Tuesday 7 September

courteeners leicester

God bless the band. Yes, The Courteeners are coming to O2 Academy Leicester for a warm up show ahead of their mega sold out Old Trafford homecoming gig. Expect all the hits from one of the north’s finest exports. Tickets on sale on Friday.

James Morrison – De Montfort Hall
Monday 14 March

james morrison leicester

2022 will see James Morrison hit the road with his first ever ‘Greatest Hits’ tour. Featuring his five unforgettable Top 10 hits (‘You Give Me Something’, ‘Wonderful World’, ‘You Make It Real’, ‘Broken Strings’ and ‘I Won’t Let You Go’) together with a selection of fan favourites, the tour represents a life-affirming celebration of a remarkable career that has spanned 15 years. Tickets go on sale on Thursday 22 July.



Freedom day is on the horizon and with it comes the unlocking of the live music scene as gigs can return to their natural form. As Leicester’s venues finally look set to open their doors fully again we caught up with one guy who’s looking forward to getting back on stage later this month. Joe Morrell aka Humble He will be playing The Soundhouse on Friday 30 July and we caught up with him to find out more about it. 

humble he

How would you describe Humble He for anyone who isn’t familiar?

I would say a blend of folk/indie/alternative genres. I’m a big fan of layers and harmonies (especially in the studio), whereas the live sound is quite raw, in that it’s stripped down to one guitar and two vocals. I like to write songs that have a sense of journey, for me a lot of that is rooted in chord progressions and how the melody weaves around them.

Have you managed to enjoy many live shows as restrictions have been gradually lifted?

We have played one show quite recently which was WONDERFUL. Not least because some of my favourite local artists performed and it had been a very long time since any of us had an audience to play for. So that was very enjoyable even though it was our own show! As a spectator though I’ve got a few booked in I simply cannot wait for, including mega babes/harmony queens The Staves, Laura Marling and Billie Marten.

humble he

What can people expect from your upcoming show at The Soundhouse?

New songs! And of course some old ones. And some from a year ago that I would consider neither new or old. Songs. I will probably also tell one joke.

What are you most looking forward to about the return of live venues in their full and proper state?

Singing along at 70 decibels or more without the fear of being tackled by security. Hugging and kissing the band to let them know they did great. Queuing for a pint.

Who are some of your favourite local artists?

There are toooo many but here are five in no particular order who seriously butter my crumpets.

Vona Vella
Nile Barrow/HoFu
Martha Bean
Chief Springs

What is it about Leicester’s music scene that makes it so special?

Although Leicester isn’t a big city, the venues and musicians do a lot for each other so there’s always something happening. Most venues in town offer some sort of community night such as open mics, jam nights, sing-arounds etc. and they’re all worth checking out, easily the best way to to meet new people and force them to listen to your music.

What else is coming up soon for Humble He?

Songs! Looks out for new releases later this year, and now gigs are definitely happening again if it really wasn’t a joke this time I should think more of those too.

Where can people find out and hear more?

Spotify or basically any streaming service for tunes.

@HumbleHe on Instagram for news and daily goings-on.

Follower 1,000 gets a humble tee you heard it here first.

Don’t miss Humble He at The Soundhouse on Friday 30 June. Tickets are on sale now.


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