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WIDE EYED re-arranged date

WIDE EYED is a new all day event from The Cookie, Firebug & O2 Academy Leicester, which will take place across multiple stages, showcasing some a unique line up of artists. Acts include BEAK, The Orielles, Snapped Ankles, Do Nothing, Spudge and many more. The event has now been re-arranged again to hopefully more normal times. Original tickets still stand. For new ticket purchasers the event will now take place on Saturday 18 September 2021. TICKETS.

HOME stream concert series

HOME is a new online series from The Robot Needs Home Collective. They describe it as their love letter to the city of Leicester. You can look forward to ten special streamed performances from ten spectacular locations throughout the city. First up is Grace Petrie live at Leicester Cathedral on Friday 26 February. Find out more and watch via the Robot Needs Home website.


Carrying on our chats with Leicester’s top musical talent, this week we’re catching up with GU-RU’s Lee Spreadbury. With their unique and mesmerising live performances on hold for now, we chat to Lee about staying creative in lockdown, their new single and what’s next.

How would you describe Gu-Ru for anyone who isn’t familiar with the band? 

A Space-Dance Glitterbomb Fusion of the Cosmic Eclectic.  

You’ve got a new single out, tell us a little about it?  

The single is an Acid House remix of our track ‘Teach Me’ which was released last September. I really enjoy the process of a remix, great fun and you get to try out  different interesting stuff and basically twist the whole track!! It comes out on Friday and will be available via our bandcamp page and most  streaming platforms.  

What’s been your highlight of time in the band so far?  

Definitely some of the festivals we’ve played, such as Celebration Days in France.  Live shows are a big part of our band, we love the onstage energy, release and the connection with the audience. We miss it very much so! Another big moment was  the release of our debut album ‘Tales From The Ashram’ released in 2019.  

Who would be listed on your ‘For fans of’ section?  

Tame Impala, Gong, Gentle Giant, Daft Punk, HENGE, Hawkwind.  

How have you found the lockdown period, both individually and creatively as a  band?  

We’ve used the time to finish our upcoming EP (released in Spring), we also played  an online festival last summer but it has been frustrating to not play live in front of  an audience for so long so we’re looking forward to the return of gigs. I’ve also  been recording lots of other music and I’m starting to work on a solo album, as well  as some remixes/collabs with other artists. It’s fun to work further afield.    

What’s your favourite thing about the Leicester music scene?  

The amount of amazing musicians and people it has! There’s no end of folk to jam  with and people are always encouraging and supportive. There are some great jam nights in Leicester, such as The Status Trio night at the Donkey. When the venues open I’d encourage anyone interested in playing live to go and check it out!  

Who are some of your other favourite local acts?  

Goldwater, Mike Sole, Carl Dawson, Ka Safar, Project Blackbird, Joey B-Side… loads more and sorry if I’ve missed people out!! 

What does the band have planned for 2021?  

We’ve an EP coming out in the Spring (date TBA), it’s pretty much finished and sounds MASSIVE. It’s the best work we’ve done so far and we can’t wait to share  it!! We MIGHT even go back in the studio for the 2nd album…  

There are also a few festival dates booked in from 2020 but who knows what’s going  to be happening this year!! Hopefully some of them can still go ahead.  

What advice would you give to anyone struggling to be creative during these  times?  

Try not to put any pressure on yourself to create. I’m actually at my most creative when there’s no pressure to write anything, and that’s ironically when the best stuff  comes out. Also, if you are struggling, sometimes it’s a good idea to have a break  from anything creative and then you might come back with a renewed energy and  flow. Always try to be kind to yourself, check in with any self doubt or anything  negative going on and allow it to pass. Sounds easy!! It’s definitely not, but with  practice this approach has really helped me.  

How can people keep up to date with what you’re up to?  

We’ve some socials:  

Facebook: @guruthree  

Twitter: @gurumusik3  

Insta: @gurumusik  

Also if you want to listen/buy some merch you can on  

Bandcamp and Spotify as well as YouTube, Applemusic and other streaming platforms.



Enjoy this week’s best of Leicester playlist packed full of suggestions, recommendations and top local talent. This week we’re featuring some of  Lee’s top local picks!

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