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Mahalia nominated for 3 MOBO Awards

Leicester superstar, Mahalia, has a 2020 to remember as she’s been nominated for no less than 3 MOBO Awards. Winners will be announced at the ceremony on Wednesday 9 December.

Daytime TV- O2 Academy Leicester
Friday 28 May 2021

The Bluetones

Formerly called Hunter & The Bear, Daytime TV are heading out on tour in 2021. Described by Huffington Post as “the heroes British rock needs right now”. Tickets on sale Friday 4 December.

INTERVIEW: Siobhan Mazzei

We’ve featured Siobhan Mazzei regularly in our music guides here on Cool As Leicester and for very good reason indeed. The talented singer-songwriter is now releasing her first ever Christmas single and we caught up with her to find out more about it.

Siobhan Mazzei leicester

Tell us a little about your music for anyone who isn’t familiar?

Well, I am a singer-songwriter born and bred in Leicester and I make emotional, heartfelt folk-rock. It’s quite hard to put my music in a box, but hopefully the above description says enough!

You’re releasing a Christmas single on 4 December, can you tell us a little more about it?

Absolutely! So I decided to pen a Christmas song in October and reached out to my fans to ask how they felt about the forthcoming holidays. These comments were followed by an intense but freeing writing session, and ultimately inspired a song with unity at its core. It was all done at home by myself, bar some amazing string arrangement and mixing/mastering by Benjamin Dady. 

“Here’s To You (Another Christmas Song)” goes out to anyone who may be feeling alone at Christmas. We never thought we’d be facing the Holidays during a pandemic, and that’s without the usual pressures that comes with the season. So, whether you’ve lost a loved one, feel vulnerable, or worried, or lonely; I hope that this song brings you comfort that you are not alone.

Is this your first journey into festive releases?

It sure is! I think people are a bit shocked (myself included) that myself of all people would release a Christmas banger – but to be honest, it was kinda needed this year.

Have you managed with staying creative during 2020?

I have! I released my single “Escape” back in August 2020 as well as working with various other artists tracking vocals, guitar, bass, etc. I’ve missed gigs terribly, but I thank god I have access to some technology that still gives me the bones to create.

What is it about Leicester’s music scene that makes it so special?

I think the Leicester music scene is severely underrated. Like our culture, we have such an eclectic mix of different genres and styles. We almost breathe community and I think that shows in our venues, our artists, our bands. We all seem to want to help each other get somewhere which I think is really special.

Who are some of your other favourite local artists?

Gosh, it’s very hard to pinpoint just a few. Obviously you should check out Homeless Shakespeare and The Pigeon Theatre. The frontman is my official bassist and despite being probably the best bassist I know, his own stuff is phenomenal.

I also reckon my Drummer, Les Hayden – He writes a lot of chilled and lovely acoustic tracks and has recently bought out an album.

You should also check out Small Man Society whom I play Bass for (Queer Pop/Rock).

And finally Humble He, who I went to see recently at The Soundhouse; He is exceptionally talented and a great writer! I will stop now haha.

What does 2021 hold for you?

I am hoping it holds more gigs! But in either case, I am trying to get some sort of album together. I’ve released EPs for the past 3/4 years and I think it’s time for a full album release!

Photo credit Greta Kaur-Taylor

Who would be listed in your “For fans of” section?

Hmmm… Good question. My tracks are so varied in style it’s hard to tell, but perhaps maybe the likes of Sam Fender, London Grammar, Deftones and maybe even The Cranberries?

How can people support local artists and venues this Christmas?

Well, unfortunately Leicester in a position whereby we can’t attend gigs, so perhaps buy some merch or take out beers from the venues and please donate. Artists wise, you gotta buy their CDs, merch, listen to their tracks, share their music to everyone. Without showcasing my tracks live on stage, I have to really rely on fans to engage digitally which is really hard. So every little helps!

Where can people get the single and find out more about everything you do?

You can pre-save the track on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music) using this link https://ditto.fm/heres-to-you-another-christmas-song The song will be available on all streaming platforms 4th of December!

Feel free to visit me on all socials @siobhanmazzei (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, etc) or visit my website at www.siobhanmazzei.com.



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