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Easylife – Morningside Arena
Friday 5 November

easy life

Leicester’s own Easy Life are hitting the road on a new European tour and of course they couldn’t do that without a Leicester stop. They’ll be at Morningside Arena on Friday 5 November and tickets on sale on Friday 9 April.

Beans on Toast – The Soundhouse
Saturday 18 December

Everyone’s favourite drunk folk singer will be at The Soundhouse in December as the last stop on his UK tour. Tickets are on sale now.

John Lennon UK – The Musician
Saturday 12 June

Enjoy a seated full band show from leading UK John Lennon tribute. TICKETS.



The last 12 months have been devastating on live music, comedy, arts and events in general. Here in Leicester we are so fortunate to have an incredibly vibrant live scene, from music to comedy, and more than anything we want to see everyone safely through to the other side.

leicester music good friday

Leicester’s Good Friday event is all about supporting the local scene. Performers, promoters and venues, this is your chance to get behind them, whilst also enjoying a fantastic online gig.

The event has been organised jointly between Big Difference Company (the team behind Leicester Comedy Festival) and local promoters, Robot Needs Home.

John Helps, the face behind Robot Needs Home, commented, “The idea came about through a conversation we were having between Big Difference Company and Robot Needs Home about raising money for organisations to come back from Covid. It started as a small idea and spiralled very quickly in to something much more ambitious. Ordinarily we don’t have tonnes of reasons to work together on projects, with one of us being a relatively small ‘DIY’ promoter of punk bands and the other being behind Leicester Comedy Festival and a whole bunch of other larger scale work – there’s just not a lot of crossover under normal circumstances – but it turns out that’s been extremely beneficial when trying to bring together a real cross section of the arts in the city.”

leicester music good friday

That cross section of arts in the city is what makes Good Friday so brilliant. Whether you’re into music, comedy or performance poetry, the event celebrates it all. Venues including The Soundhouse, De Montfort Hall, The Shed, The Y and 2Funky Music Cafe will take part, along with some of the city’s best performers and most active promoters.

John added, “It’s a great cross section of the city’s performance output. I’m a particularly big fan of Jess Green and Grace Petrie’s contributions to the project. Both of them have brought really affecting performances to the project, specifically about Leicester and the enormous affection all of us hold the city in, but everyone that has contributed reflects a different facet of the city’s creative community.”

Performers on the evening include Grace Petrie, Jess Green, The Bed & Breakfast Men, Brandon Neil, Tickled Pink Comedy, Seetal Kaur, Kesha Raithatha and many more.

The best bit? All profits will go back to support the performers and venues taking part. This really is your opportunity to get behind the local scene and really help in making sure it comes back as good as before.

Tickets cost from just £1 (although other donation amounts are available).

Buy your tickets from the Comedy Festival website and we’ll see you there!


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