As you’ve probably read by now Maiyango is closing its restaurant as we know it this month to turn it into a brand new concept.

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Yesterday we went along to the Gin Tasting Dinner event with 4 courses each matched the gin cocktails. It was Maiyango through and through, with such attention to detail in the dishes and the presentation. From the picnic terrine with cheddar mousse, bacon jam and quail egg to the beetroot marinated salmon, broad beans, red chicory, radicchio, chorizo and garlic hollandaise, which was one of the best main courses we’ve ever had, it was a superb evening.

maiyango salmon

The gingerbread parfait served with treacle sponge, pumpkin seed and salted caramel matched with botanical gin with a hint of Palma violet was also the perfect end to the evening.

With a number more closing events to look forward to we caught up with owner, Aatin Anadkat, to find out about his memories and favourite aspects of the restaurant through the years.

What first inspired the Maiyango restaurant look and feel?
It was travel and wanting to create an amazing first date concept! I love those buzzy, tightly packed restaurant environments, and nothing like it existed in Leicester, it was that Buddha BAR, supper club era when dining and staying in one place for drinks after was a typical night

What’s been your favourite dish at Maiyango over the years?
Tough question! 12 years is a long time of dishes but I’d probably go for the mango and cardamom deconstructed cheesecake, I loved the Indian flavours running through it.
A close recent second is the poached spiced watermelon – Sounds weird is genius! Both are on the Best of Maiyango Menu!

Which closing event are you most looking forward to?
Obviously got to be the last night on the 22nd July, its been such an epic journey and I guess that’s the end. Its going to be emotional and probably quite messy by the end of it!
The Wine dinners are always fun, I think the cocktail and dinner evening has great potential – we will no doubt questioning why we didn’t do this years ago!

aatin maiyango

The cocktail menu has developed such a lot over the years, do you think the cocktail scene is very different now to when you opened?
A lot of exciting stuff has happened to the bar scene in Leicester since we opened. Its been really positive to help shape that and pave the way for cocktails to really be of a high standard. There seems to be a continued push towards quality and rightfully experience is right up there as well. Tastes and drinks trend will continue to change, gin is unstoppable at the moment, but when we opened it was vodka followed by rum. I guess good drinks, with good ingredients skilfully created are timeless. We have brought back some old school cocktails from when we launched and they still taste great.

Maiyango is a special to so many people, how does it feel knowing it’s held so close to many people’s hearts?
It’s a really nice feeling and its that feeling  that makes all the effort of hospitality worthwhile. We’ve had so many comments and listened to so many happy stories that began at Maiyango, its just brilliant to be part of that. It was the main reason for the closing events and best of Maiyango menu; a nice way for guests to revisit happy memories one last time.

maiyango gin

What will you miss most about the restaurant?
Maybe the booths! The back bar and the ambience and mood of the place.

Can you give us any sneaky insider gossip about exactly what the new restaurant will be like?
Fun, original and quirky. The new floor went down in the toilets today. Its pink!

Maiyango also holds a special place in the hearts of 2 friends of Cool As, so we grabbed them for a quick comment too.

“Maiyango will forever hold a place in our hearts as the place where we have created many happy memories together. We had our first date cocktails there, the surprise proposal dinner when we got engaged and will also be spending our wedding night there just mid-July. It’s a shame to say goodbye to such a beautiful restaurant but we’re looking forward to seeing the new concept from the Maiyango team.”  Preya Daji

To book for the remaining closing events including Cocktails & Desserts, Wine Tasting Dinner and the Best of Maiyango please visit the Maiyango website.

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