It’s been nearly a month since we started our personal training plan at Find Your Fitness UK in Wigston, so what have we learnt?

  • Training is hard
  • Hard work is worth it
  • Hard work can even occasionally be enjoyable
  • Hard work gets results
  • One of the personal trainers like Busted (I won’t say which one)

When we embarked on the journey our fitness level was pretty low, a squat seemed near impossible and going to the gym was a rare event, but within just 3 weeks of training 3 times per week you can already notice changes.

People often think personal training will be so intense that it’s off putting but with the guys at Find Your Fitness that isn’t the case. All it means is that sessions are tailored to you, they can tell what exercise will benefit you most to help you achieve your goals. It’s really highlighted that when I did used to go to the gym I was probably doing all the wrong things anyway!

From jogging, to circuit training, to dead lifts and boxing, the sessions are always varied and dare I say it, even fun. This isn’t going to the gym and sitting on an exercise bike for half an hour, it’s giving your body what it needs.

The Find Your Fitness studio also run classes, with the weekly timetable available HERE, and I went along to one circuit class to see what it was all about. There’s no hiding at the back in these classes as the instructors are still watching your technique closely. Exercised are altered for each person if need be so there’s no need to panic that you’ll be left struggling! Definitely a great thing to try if you want to dip your toe in before going for the personal training!

So as we’re nearing the completion date of the challenge we’ll soon see just what effect personal training can have on weight, measurements and general well being. I do have a muscle on my arm for the first time in my life though, so they must be doing something right!

Find Your Fitness UK are based in South Wigston and you can find out more about them HERE.