How well do you know your Leicestershire villages? Why not take this old school quiz to find out!

All of the answers are Leicestershire towns or villages. The quiz was discovered by Di Gough whose late father had begun filling it in and we’ve shared it here with her permission.

He’d correctly guessed one of the answers… Has Peter (the goalkeeper) been given a title? Answer – Earl Shilton.

You get what you have to do? See how many of the below you can crack!

  1. Put a sign on the meadow
  2. Rabbit – Beware of this rock!
  3. A past TV detective is involved with pulse vegetables
  4. Did it begin as a wooden shelter for Woolybacks?
  5. Where the Kingly Battle is up for sale
  6. The doctor-deterring fruit goes past in a big way
  7. Does everyone drink one brand of beer here?
  8. A bird from the tower is on the rock
  9. A valuable holder of ale
  10. Are all the salt-water fishes buried here?
  11. This “town” is rather prickly
  12. Perhaps Scottish moors and purple flowers surround this village
  13. A brightly coloured stretch of road
  14. A village of dogs by the “sound” of it
  15. They feed the furnace with expensive metal
  16. Is there just an old weaver’s cottage here?
  17. Must be the home of a lovely Irish girl
  18. A gardener’s cart is on the flying river
  19. If you’ve an axe to grind, come to this village
  20. Do they need the Pied Piper here?
  21. People from the clothing industry live in this valley
  22. Has Peter (the goalkeeper) been given a title?
  23. Place it round the waist where it belongs
  24. Are they always making parcels in the “town”

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