Another week and we have news of another new bar opening for you as The Legendary Lab opens its doors in the former Maiyango/The Fish & The Chip spot on St Nicholas Place.

So what exactly is The Legendary Lab all about? The bar specialises in cocktails which have a chemistry/science effect, like a smoking cocktail, but the difference here is that the customer is very much involved in the experiment. The customer is an actor/actress of their own drink.

The bar promises to provide an experience beyond the drinks, with a difference on every level. Of course the difference includes the glassware too, as you can expect to be served your cocktails in anything from a beaker to a conical flask.

For owners, Ulrich and Amie, the idea for the bar started 2 years ago following a trip to Paris. Visiting a themed bar where the aim was to draw a Disney character on a board then the bartender had to guess your character to make your cocktail. After this experience, The Legendary Lab popped out naturally, as they saw a gap for a cocktail bar with a chemistry theme, offering cocktails with different effects : smoking, bubbling, colour-changing… putting the customer in the centre of the experience by leaving them setting off the effects.

legendary lab leicester

The chemistry theme isn’t by chance either, as Ulrich is a trained chemist having worked in the cosmetics industry for a number of years.

The Legendary Lab offers table drinks service and is open from Tuesday – Sunday (from 6pm Tuesday – Friday and from 3pm on Saturday and Sunday). They are open until 2am on both Friday and Saturday.

To find out more you can visit The Legendary Lab website or find them on Facebook.

legendary lab leicester