If you fancy doing something completely different this weekend then how about a spot of professional fighting? Yes, it’s not only Alex Reid who does it you know. We’re not talking about some people having a scrap outside, this is fully organised, with trained professionals.

Following the sell out success of Fight UK1 and Fight UK 2 in 2010 they’re back for even more in 2011. The event takes place this Sunday at Liquid & Envy nightclub and will provide a whole evening of entertainment.

They state their mission as, “To provide a platform for mixed martial artists to showcase their talents in a safe and regulated way and help them progress their careers along the way.” There will be professional filming throughout the night with fights projected onto screens around the venue, so there’s no need to miss any of the action when you’re going to the bar for another drink.

To find out a bit more about the event and to see the impressive line-up of professional and amateur fighters, just click here

Fear not, just to complete the Las Vegas type glamour there are also the Fight UK Cage Girls provided by Platinum Lace Leicester!

Tickets for the whole evening’s entertainment are £30 and are available from here.

It probably goes without saying but the event is for over 18s only!